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Our Hardware Project Called "Pillar" Will Allow Any Place on Earth to Have a Library

• Outernet

The "Pillar" a completely self-powered, weatherproof, and continuously updated library. It broadcasts its own Wi-Fi signal, allowing anyone nearby with a Wi-Fi device to connect and download content. See it explained in this short video.

While the current design is homemade, the design for eventual production is shown below. Pillar is divided into three sections:

A fully-automated satellite dish at the top

Solar panels, hard drives, wifi, and high-capacity batteries in the center

A concrete or sand-filled base to guarantee stability in inclement weather

Outernet is looking for organizations who are interested in participating in our Pillar of Knowledge pilot program, which installs Pillars in any public location to enable education, civic participation, or other mutual objectives that the Pillar would help accomplish.

Interested? Contact Thane Richard,

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