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In Honor of First Amendment: 5 Americans in Blatant Acts of Free Speech

Among those wonderful rights protected by the United States Constitution and its amendments, perhaps the most controversial (debatable, yes) is the First Amendment, broadly known as the one protecting the freedoms of speech, religion, press, and association.

While it's one of our most cherished parts of the Bill of Rights, it's also one that has spawned intense debates over various acts that fall within its purview. Let's look at five of those distinctly aggressive yet (thankfully) protected acts of speech. We'll skip the most obvious one since it's become so mundane you can easily web-search it and contribute to a $12 billion based largely out a particular Californian valley. Still don't know what it is? Here, let me Google that for you.


"Shit. Piss. Fuck. Cunt. Cocksucker. Motherfucker. Tits."

There I said it. It wasn't so hard now, but four decades ago, it got comedian George Carlin arrested after a gig in Milwaukee.