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More than just an RV: ESCAPE injects some style into the tiny house movement

•, By Adam Williams
 ESCAPE is envisioned as a vacation cabin, first home, or rental property, and is pretty well-stocked for small living. The interior contains a main living area, bathroom and separate toilet, bedroom, and a small kitchen area. Each of the rooms can also be customized with a range of options, which include a steam shower, air conditioning, and dishwasher. The porch can also be converted into a semi-outdoor multi-function space.

Owing to its legal status as an RV – or Park Model RV to be precise – ESCAPE is mounted on an RV chassis and wheels, so doesn't need proper foundations, nor is it subject to the same taxes and planning laws as a permanent structure. Just to be clear though, it's not a motorized RV and contains no engine, so you're not going to be driving this thing down the road. It also requires a moving truck to be transported, like a mobile home, and can't simply be towed with a decent-sized car like the OTIS.