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Would You Smoke GMO Pot?

Activists around the country are rallying against genetically modified foods. Meanwhile, states around the nation are preparing to legalize marijuana. The day may soon come when large corporations, like Monsanto, will be developing genetically-modified forms of cannabis for sale on the legal market. The end result, if GMO cannabis comes into being, could be similar to the current food market. Sales of genetically-engineered products could make up a large percentage of sales, while organically-grown marijuana could develop a devoted following among smokers. By some measures, cannabis is now the nation's largest cash crop. The market for legal marijuana is larger than that for corn, wheat or sugar. The amount of money to be made by ending prohibition against the plant is enormous. This is driving large corporations to begin looking at modifying the DNA of cannabis to increase profits. Producing genetically modifed products can increase yield or add resistance to pests for som

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