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A Teeny House Filled With Clever, Space-Saving Contraptions

•, By Joseph Flaherty
 Client Dido Fogué approached Elii because of its history of eclectic projects—and because her brother was one of the firm’s partners. In partnership with Fogué, Elii principles Eva Gil Lopesino, Uriel Fogué Herreros, and Carlos Palacios channeled their inner Zooey Deschanel and developed a loft that’s equal parts crash pad and performance space.
“Every house, in a way is a theater, where you perform your everyday life,” says Herreros. “In this case, the apartment was designed for somebody who was starting a new life and in this domestic stage, she will be able to test and try this new leaf.”
Working with the thesis that life is a performance and the apartment is the stage, the designers created an open floor plan built for quick scene changes. By repositioning a series of lightweight partitions that float on guide rails, Fogué can quickly create an extra bedroom for a guest, separate the kitchen and dining room for a large group dinner, or put all of them away to host a house party. Transparent panels in the partitions allow natural light to filter through the entire house regardless of how it’s configured.