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Moon gardens: NASA to sow 1st seeds of future habitat

The experiment is designed to yield important knowledge about life’s long-term chances in space – including for us.
The initiative comes courtesy of the Lunar Plant Growth Habitat team – a small group of scientists, students, volunteers and contractors – who plan to install specially-designed containers about the size of a coffee can, in which the plants will be encased, complete with sensors, cameras and other devices that will be relaying information down to Earth.
This is to be the first life sciences project conducted on another world and is ambitious about exploring opportunities for future human life support, apart from the obvious benefits of learning more about growing life in extreme temperatures.

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Comment by PureTrust
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This is a practical start idea. Are they serious? Were they ever serious about going to the moon? Or were they always more serious about deluding the people and making money for themselves? Will they be able to pull it off with the economy the way it is? With the dollar crashing, and cryptocurrencies on the rise, won't smaller, private companies do everything better than NASA anyway?