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Dubai adds a frozen cafe to its list of opulent desert wonders

 This is Chillout Dubai, and it's a café wherein everything is carved out of ice. From the chairs to the cutlery and the decor, you'll be surrounded by the stuff once you enter the chilly confines of the café. You'll probably want to order a hot cocoa upon your arrival, since the place is kept at a brisk 21 degrees Fahrenheit.

At such temperatures it's easy to forget that you're actually in the middle of the scorching hot desert. It's also easy to get hypothermia. Thankfully the Chillout Café loans its visitors heavy jackets, boots, gloves and fur hats upon arrival. A visit costs about $16 and you'll be allowed to stay for 40 minutes. So if you're thinking of flying to the United Arab Emirates, donning a parka and sitting on a block of ice just so you can cozy up to your sweetheart, you'd better not dawdle while you're there.