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The New Left’s war on private civic engagement

•, Nick Dranias
 Now the New Left is coming for center-right think tanks and the private donors that support them.
Labeling 63 public interest groups “stink tanks” because they are supposedly “tied to the Koch dark money ATM,” the Center for Media & Democracy and Progress Now have brazenly launched ad hominem assaults on private donors and successful advocates of conservative causes. Rather than compete in the marketplace of ideas, the New Left spins tales of Kochtopi gardens and Vast Right Wing Conspiracies that would make Alex Jones and even Hillary Clinton blush. Their supposed goal: to force transparency on whoever is “really” behind groups like the Goldwater Institute.
But what is the New Left really trying to accomplish? By preserving the privacy of its donors, center-right policy organizations are not exactly flying under the radar and disguising their interest in limited government advocacy. There is simply no purpose in forcing the private donors of the Goldwater Institute or any other such organization into the public eye in order to gain some deep insight about our policy mission, message or motives. What we stand for is no secret.