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Conspiracy Theories Abound After Navy Yard Shooting

•, By Allen McDuffee
 Most people who heard that needed no further explanation for Monday’s tragic events. They understood the 12 deaths and eight injuries to be the sad result of severe mental illness, perhaps even paranoid schizophrenia.

But before (and even after) the details of Alexis’ difficult past emerged, many people on the fringe had instead opted for a range of conspiracy theories — just as they did in the Sandy Hook massacre, the Aurora, CO movie theatre shooting, and even 9/11. The conflicting reports as to whether the shooter was a civilian or a servicemember, the number of shooters involved, the incorrect identification of the suspect, and a whole host of other unanswered questions were all fodder for conspiracy theorists of varying intensity to take to Twitter, YouTube, discussion boards, blogs, and other online outlets to assert the sometimes absurd and the sometimes plausible.