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Why One Nation Wants To Turn Its Undersea Volcanoes Into A National Park

 This is basically a group of enormous undersea volcanoes, more than 7,500 feet underwater, shooting out superheated water in 40-foot plumes of sulfides. They were christened "Loki's Castle," and there's nothing else quite like them on the planet--and now Norway is considering protecting them by naming them a national park.

Loki's Castle is what's called a black smoker--a type of vent that mostly shoots out sulfides. Sulfides, though, aren't the only minerals around Loki's Castle; researchers have found large deposits of iron, and there is almost certainly other stuff they haven't yet identified. Scientists from the University of Bergen are concerned about the mining industry disturbing the pristine environment of Loki's Castle. So they want to make it a national park, which would afford it certain environmental protections.