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The Internet Is Being Slaughtered in the Back Room


The Chicago Tribune is now confirming what we've been warning for some time: That every US spy agency will have access to your financial data. The story doesn't specify whether the IRS investigative division is included in that list, but if you still don't think your rulers would stoop to that level, well... you're simply evading.

There is one crucial thing to understand about this: The rulers have no choice.

The fiat currency games of the ruling elite are getting difficult these days. I'll leave the details to the financial specialists, but debt is astronomical, interest rates can never rise again (without utterly killing national budgets), and inflation is just about to boil over. They need more money – lots of it – but the presses are already running at full speed and the consequences are mounting.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The whole banking security system is a big farce. Consider, your credit/debit card PIN is usually a 4 digit number. In some cases it is 6 or 8 digits. Easy to remember.

Bitcoin is up to two 34 character sets of characters that are not made up of only numbers, but letters, as well. One set of characters is the address, and the other is like the PIN. Hard to remember, but millions of times as secure as cards. And the Bitcoin system can double the length of the character sets in an instant, on need or demand, making it trillions upon trillions of times as secure as cards.

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