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Censorship: Facebook deletes pages of 9/11 activists

Recently, Facebook has removed the pages of about 50 political activists. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth founder Richard Gage lost his page, as did several other activists. Later, the pages were reactivated.
Several people associated with the alternative news website also had their pages removed. InfoWars reports,
In September 2011, Infowars reporter Darrin McBreen was told by Facebook staff not to voice his political opinion on the social networking website. Responding to comments McBreen had made about off-grid preppers being treated as criminals, the “Facebook Team” wrote, “Be careful making about making (sic) political statements on facebook,” adding, “Facebook is about building relationships not a platform for your political viewpoint. Don’t antagonize your base. Be careful and congnizat (sic) of what you are preaching.”
The Facebook purge includes those who have posted pro-Second Amendment statements and/or made comments about the report made by the Washington Post /CBS News that another gunman had been arrested in the woods near Sandy Hook Elementary after the shooting. The office of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth reports that Mr. Gage has never made any statements about gun ownership on his page. The AE911 office also confirms that a number of 9/11 activists have been targeted by Facebook. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth produced a documentary last year, Experts Speak Out, which has found large audiences, particularly through a PBS affiliate. Consequently, many engineers and building professionals now question the official story of the collapse of the three World Trade Center towers. Infowars reports the following individuals have had their pages deleted or suspended: Kurt Nimmo (account suspended) Aaron Dykes (account inactive) Amber Lyon (account suspended) Brandon J. Raub (account inactive) Michael F Rivero (account inactive) Anthony J Hilder (account inactive) William Lewis (account inactive) Richard Gage (account inactive) William Rodriguez (account inactive)

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Comment by Drew Thomas
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My Fakebook account was made impossible after I started posting about 9/11 Inside Job and Chemtrails. They all are kunts.

Comment by Abraham Rodriguez
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Dear Friends & Family, The following message is very important, and has taken me years of concern and independent research to learn, summarize, and compile. I hope you are brave enough to read this in its entirety, and to not look negatively upon me for my attempts to make our world a better place. To better understand my intentions in sharing this information with you, please consider listening to the following words from Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. – ‘When Silence is Betrayal’ / ‘A Time to Break the Silence’: This message is my most recent attempt at sharing what I have learned about the attacks of September 11th 2001 (9/11) over the past several years in a simplified and summarized form. If you care about our country, our planet, or helping others, then PLEASE set aside some time to read this message with your skepticism, your intelligence, and your heart. Please read these words carefully, and feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or would like to discuss this topic in more detail. If you do not have time to read this message, I would be more than happy to call you sometime to explain this important information verbally. At the bottom of this message I have shared some important links that will allow you to learn what took me years of reading to understand, but first I must share a brief summary of the current situation with you so that once you begin to study the links you will understand the information in the proper context. The topic of 9/11 is an extremely important one because it vividly exposes the corruption that currently plagues our society, and the reality of cheap, sustainable, renewable energy technology (the oil corporations are just one of many true suspects that could have orchestrated 9/11, then tricked our country into believing that Arab ‘terrorists’ did it), but it requires a very skeptical-yet-open mind in order to understand the true implications of all the available, easily verifiable, empirical evidence from 9/11. I encourage you not to blindly accept what I am telling you, rather, I encourage you to view this information with a skeptical-yet-open mind, and to draw your own conclusions regarding the following information. As I mentioned, I have some extremely informative links that will help you quickly learn what I now understand after many years of meticulously reviewing the work of the leading scientists that are researching 9/11. If you have any specific questions regarding any of the following information or links, please let me know, and I will do my best to answer them, however, between this message and the evidence-packed links I will share with you at the very end of this message, I think that most, if not all of your questions will be answered. I must stress to you that despite the negative connotations associated with the tragedy of the 9/11 attacks, you may someday agree with me that 9/11 is one of the primary reasons that immensely positive changes and increasing levels of citizen activism are sweeping across our beautiful planet at a more rapid pace than ever before. Most importantly, 9/11 is further proof that inexpensive, sustainable forms of energy, such as those discovered and inspired by the great Nikola Tesla, do indeed exist and could be providing our entire planet with clean, sustainable energy as soon as We The People demand it. Now, it is time to begin… The horrible individuals who orchestrated 9/11 (not the “hijackers”, for I am referring to the true culprits, whoever they may be), were apparently smart enough to plan multiple layers of the post-9/11 cover-up. The first layer of the cover-up was their ability to fool and/or control the corporate media channels, into promoting the unscientific, easily falsifiable theory known as the ‘Official Story’ or the ‘9/11 Commission Report’. I will not bother going into details about why the official story is wrong, because as you may already know, the NYC seismographic data alone is sufficient to show that the 9/11 Commission Report / The Official Story is inaccurate and unscientific. One way that some people have come to understand the inaccurate nature of the 'official story' is because of an architect named Richard Gage who claims that an explosive called 'thermite' / 'nano-thermite' was what brought the towers down on 9/11. Please keep in mind that just because Mr. Gage is correct about the fact that the American people have not been told the truth, does not mean that he is correct in his assertion that explosives and/or thermite are supported by the evidence from 9/11, in fact, thermite may not have been used at all (and most likely was not, in my opinion). I must again stress the importance of being cautious and skeptical here, because the false nature of the 9/11 Commission Report / The Official Story does not necessarily mean that our government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. For all we know, our government was tricked into believing the Official Story just as you and I were, because it was the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and the private weapons/defense/security corporations (e.g. Science Applications International Corp. [SAIC], Applied Research Associates [ARA], and many others) that engaged in an enormous conflict of interest when NIST contracted these private corporations to conduct the fraudulent 9/11 “investigations” using our tax dollars (it's like paying a fox to guard your chickens). It is NIST and these private weapons/defense/security corporations, many which have members in the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS), that are the primary suspects for 9/11, not necessarily our government. At the very least, NIST and these suspect corporations are the groups we absolutely must bring to court for evidence-based interrogation and questioning. The second layer of the 9/11 cover-up is that being put forth by Mr. Richard Gage, Dr. Steven Jones, Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, and a host of other fraudulent ‘investigators’ who claim they are pursuing truth and justice, when in actuality, closer inspection reveals they are doing just the opposite. The key to their past success is the fact that they are ‘waking’ people up to the lies of the 9/11 Commission Report / The Official Story, and by doing so, they gain people's trust while subtly convincing them to blindly accept the only other theory they present as truth (this is the unscientific, easily falsifiable, explosives-only / thermite-only theory that Mr. Gage, Dr. Jones, and others are trying to convince people of, despite the fact that this theory would be quickly defeated in a court-of-law because of how easily falsifiable / not consistent with the physical evidence it is). Please note that these corrupt ‘investigators’ do not present evidence objectively, and they also fail to share a large sum of extremely important pieces of physical evidence from 9/11. Mr. Gage and the other corrupt 9/11 “researchers” I am speaking of simply share with you the evidence they want you to hear in an attempt to convince you of what they want you to believe. Suspiciously, they do not mention the overwhelming sum of easily verifiable physical evidence that thermite and explosives do not explain, evidence which conclusively shows that directed energy weapons must have been used on 9/11. Mr. Gage and other corrupt 9/11 “truth” researchers most likely choose to ignore this evidence not only because it is not explained by thermite or explosives of any kind, but more importantly, because the private weapons/defense/security corporations that engaged in the conflict-of-interest relationship with NIST to conduct the fraudulent 9/11 “investigations” with our tax dollars also happen to be the leading corporations in the field of directed energy weapon research. (This is also the most likely reason that Mr. Gage fails to mention that his partner, Dr. Steven Jones, used to work for Los Alamos National Laboratories, the same laboratory that conducted the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb and other highly advanced, top-secret weapons.) The third layer of the 9/11 cover-up is a wide spread internet campaign to slander, criticize, marginalize, disrespect, discredit, and censor information about the ONLY 9/11 researcher who has meticulously analyzed ALL of the easily verifiable physical evidence from 9/11. This researcher is also the ONLY person who has offered a scientific conclusion that explains ALL of this easily verifiable physical evidence from 9/11, and furthermore, she is the ONLY researcher who has taken all of this evidence and filed it in a court of law in the form of a federal qui-tam whistleblower case against the private weapons/defense/security corporations I have repeatedly mentioned. The case was so strong, thanks to all the physical evidence this researcher has discovered, that it was successfully appealed to the level of the U.S. Supreme Court in October 2009, despite the attempts of the corporate defense lawyers pushing for premature dismissal of the case at each level of appeal. The case was abruptly and unlawfully dismissed by the Supreme Court, and this is detailed in the legal documents found on this researcher’s website which I will direct you to later, so please do not be fooled by those who claim that the case was not appealed to this level. The brave researcher I am speaking of is Dr. Judy Wood Ph.D, a materials scientist and engineer who lost her job from Clemson University after she began raising awareness about the important evidence that can only be explained, in totality, by directed energy weapons. The entities that make up this third layer of the 9/11 cover-up are corrupt 9/11 “truth” websites, chat rooms, groups, and individuals, all over the internet and corporate media, that are purposely trying to direct people to ignore the extremely important evidence that Dr. Judy Wood has discovered. Several of these groups claim to be 9/11 “Truth” groups, but if you even mention Dr. Judy Wood or the important evidence she has discovered, they will often censor you, ban you from their group, or ridicule you for discussing her. I know this because I have experienced it first-hand time and time again, and have been banned from a long list of 9/11 “truth” websites and groups just for sharing the important physical evidence that Dr. Judy Wood has discovered. Many disrespectful individuals have also taken the evidence Dr. Wood has discovered and presented it on their own in extremely unscientific, discrediting ways (e.g. some of these corrupt ‘researchers’ assert that Dr. Judy Wood claims that aliens orchestrated 9/11, or that this directed energy weapon is in space, aka “space beams”, which is absolutely false since she has never made such claims). These attempts at censorship are meant to prevent more people from discovering that Dr. Judy Wood is absolutely correct in her evidence-based scientific conclusions about 9/11. Even a small group of Wikipedia administrators censor Wikipedia so that no one can create a page devoted to Dr. Judy Wood, and so that there is not one mentioning of her name, book, or website on the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ Wikipedia page. I personally experienced this when I tried to add her name to that Wikipedia page because of the extreme importance of her research, but of course, I was censored when I tried to add her name to the page and also when I tried to create her own separate wiki page to raise awareness about her work. I provide details and screenshots of my censorship experiences in one of the links at the end of this message, but for now, let’s continue. Similarly, I was also silently banned from AE911Truth by Mr. Richard Gage simply for sending him one private email which asked him if he knew about all this important physical evidence. I feel that the most likely reason for my silent removal from their group is because Mr. Gage wanted to prevent me from sharing this evidence with other members of AE911Truth and from posting it in my profile. As a scientist and soon-to-be physician, it is my opinion that Dr. Judy Wood has hit an absolute bullseye with her research, and this is why Mr. Richard Gage, Dr. Steven Jones, Alex Jones, and others are trying to prevent people from considering the important physical evidence that Dr. Wood has discovered. "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." -Vladimir Ilyich Lenin The links I am about to share with you are extremely important, and will help you understand what took me many years to learn. It was not until 2004-2005 when I first questioned the official story, and I will admit that Mr. Richard Gage’s presentation helped me do this. That is why I became an AE911Truth supporter and donor around that time, because I was temporarily convinced that Mr. Gage was seeking real truth and justice since his presentation helped ‘wake me up’ to the lies of the 9/11 Commission Report / Official Story. Now, it has become very apparent to me and a rapidly growing number of other concerned individuals across the globe that Richard Gage, Dr. Steven Jones, Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, Dr. Jim Fetzer, Richard Hoagland, and a small group of other corrupt “researchers”, are purposely only ‘half-waking’ people up by sharing only the evidence they want us to see, so that concerned citizens accept their theories as truth while ignoring the extremely important evidence that Dr. Judy Wood has discovered. This is unscientific, unjust, and most certainly not in the spirit of the truth. Now, it is time to share the links with you. I understand it may take you many days to digest all of this information in detail, but please continue with your bravery and courage, for our beautiful planet and all future generations that will inherit it deserve so much better than all of these lies, this corruption, and this selfish weaponization of this extremely promising directed energy technology: 1. Where Did The Towers Go? (by Dr. Judy Wood, Ph.D): (this is Dr. Wood’s 500-page hardcover scientific text book, that was only recently published after a large attempt to prevent her book from being printed. In my opinion, this book is literally the single most evidence-packed piece of literature regarding 9/11 to be published since it happened. It is neither based on theory nor speculation; rather, it is simply based on easily-verifiable well-referenced physical evidence, analysis and discussion of that evidence, and the inescapable conclusions that are drawn from that evidence. The few USA publishers that were willing to print Dr. Wood’s book would suspiciously only allow her to print it if she removed several important pieces of evidence, or if she only printed the important photos and graphs in black-and-white, etc. Thus, Dr. Wood had to get this book printed in a foreign country, and then shipped to various locations in the USA via boat, to ensure that the book was published in its full-color, scientific, textbook format. This is the most important and evidence-packed piece of literature to be published regarding 9/11 since it happened, so I strongly encourage you to read this book. If you do not want to purchase a copy, I will gladly let you borrow mine, so please do not hesitate to ask. This is the most important book I have ever purchased in my entire life, as the information within it will most certainly change the world. Lastly, the evidence from her book is also available on the internet for absolutely free at, but it is very scattered and hard to browse through and understand sequentially and completely, so I strongly recommend the textbook format. Again, I can loan you my copy of the book, so please do not hesitate to ask.) 2. 9/11 Challenge: Explain the Evidence: (this is a very brief summary of only some of the important physical evidence Dr. Judy Wood has discovered. I did not have time to list all of it, but I listed a decent portion of it. Please keep in mind that this article barely discusses the evidence, it merely presents a brief, summarized, partial list of the evidence. This article is good to share with others who are hesitant to purchase Dr. Wood’s amazing textbook, because it will allow them to preview a small chunk of the important physical evidence which demands the entire world’s attention.) 3. Why Did a U.S. Army Major & Soviet Nuclear Intelligence Officer Contact Me (Abe) Regarding 9/11?: (this is a very important story of mine, because shortly after I began speaking out about Dr. Judy Wood, two high-ranking retired military officers spontaneously contacted me to try and convince me that Dr. Judy Wood is wrong within a few weeks of each other. The non-evidence-based claims they attempted to convince me of were very alarming, and what I learned about them from my research was even more concerning.) 4. An Open Letter to '' (by Dr. Eric Larsen): (this is a very important letter, because it addresses the fact that the corrupt owners of the website silently removed Dr. Judy Wood from the list of 9/11 researchers quite some time ago. Considering that Dr. Judy Wood is the most highly qualified researcher to investigate 9/11 due to her extremely relevant degree in Materials Science Engineering, and that she has gathered more physical evidence and taken more legal action than any other scientist in the history of 9/11 research, the fact that her profile was deleted from the website is extremely suspicious and is addressed in detail in this very important letter by Dr. Eric Larsen.) 5. 9/11 & Free Energy: (Please note that the first few paragraphs of information in this article may have already been covered by the links above, but after the first few paragraphs, the rest of the information is relatively unique. You will find many links regarding the evidence against the unscientific thermite-only / explosives-only theories, as well as evidence suggesting that Dr. Steven Jones, Richard Gage, and others, are purposely misleading concerned Americans with their biased, unscientific presentations. You will also see my personal stories regarding my silent banning from AE911Truth, my censorship by Wikipedia and other websites, including actual screen-shots and text from the incidents, and much, much more. I apologize that some of the information in this article will be redundant to you after reading the other links above, but please just skip the redundant parts because there is a lot of important information in this article that is not found in the other links.) 6. Wikipedia Censorship of 9/11 Evidence and Related Legal Action Continues: (Why was I severely censored when I tried to add Dr. Judy Wood’s name and website to the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ Wikipedia page? How come David Ray Griffin and other less-qualified researchers are mentioned multiple times on the page, yet I wasn't even allowed to add one sentence about Dr. Judy Wood? When I tried to appeal the decision, a small group of moderators controlled the discussion and told me that if I appealed it again my account would be locked. According to Wikipedia policy, deletion-appeal discussions are to remain open for public comment and review for 5-7 days before a final decision is made, but my appeal was given a final decision by a small group of rude admins within 12 hours of the onset of my appeal, and the discussion was prematurely closed. After some research, I realized this was a violation of Wikipedia's policy, so I appealed it again, and my account was locked as a result.) 7. 9/11 Finding The Truth (by Andrew Johnson): (free to download, this amazing book by Andrew Johnson thoroughly covers the entire topic of 9/11.) 8. Check The Evidence (by Andrew Johnson): (an amazing website filled with important information that covers a wide variety of topics, from 9/11 to Free Energy and everything in between. This website is full of evidence that demands the world’s consideration. Based out of the United Kingdom, Andrew Johnson and his evidence-packed website have played a major role in helping to spread factual evidence and information about a variety of extremely important topics.) That is everything you need for now, so I will say a few parting words before I conclude this letter. The most important link I shared above is Dr. Judy Wood’s book, 'Where Did The Towers Go?' ( This 500-page scientific textbook will walk you through the evidence step-by-step, and is beautifully explained in simplified-yet-scientific language by Dr. Wood herself. It is loaded from cover to cover with hundreds and hundreds of images, figures, and graphs, with virtually every source provided. This allows even the most skeptical minds to thoroughly investigate the significance and quality of the overwhelming sum of data that Dr. Wood has discovered. It is the most important piece of literature that has been published in my lifetime thus far, and again, I am more-than-willing to share my copy of the book with you if you would like to read it but do not feel comfortable purchasing it at this time. Thanks to the internet and the current push for truth, justice, and peace throughout the world, this is the best chance we have ever had in all of history to expose the corruption and neutralize the poison that is killing our beautiful country and planet, so thank you very much for studying this topic if you do. Your concern for our world, and your courage to look more into this topic, is something that I truly appreciate and share with you. Thank you for any time you devote to this topic, and again, please let me know if you have ANY questions whatsoever, or if you would like to chat vocally, or borrow my copy of Dr. Judy Wood’s recently published textbook. Sincerely, -Abe Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez M4 Medical Student B.S. Biology/Neurobiology