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Many Apple Designers Are Sick Of Doing Things Steve Jobs' Way, And A Civil War Is Breaking Out

•, Nicholas Carlson
 Apple's brand is an outgrowth of its product design—and both are the envy of every other company on the planet.

So it is a touch shocking that Apple, of all companies, has something of an internal riot on its hands.


The problem is something called skeuomorphism, which is when a software user-interface is designed in a way that mimics design from the offline, non-software world.

For example, the place where readers go to open up iBooks on their iPads looks like a bookshelf (see above).

Apple loves skeuomorphism because Steve Jobs loved it, and current software boss Scott Forstall does too.

But Austin Carr has a long story in Fast Company about how some of the designers who work for the company—including rock-star designer Jony Ive—are sick of it, and that a "revolt" is close to breaking out.