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Inachus floating mansion launches in London

•, By Bridget Borgobello
 London based Sanitov Studio launched its stylish and sustainable floating home during the London Design Festival, which opened earlier this month. Named after the Greek mythical river god, “Inachus” is a two story house boat that more appropriately resembles a hi-tech floating mansion. Spread over two levels, the home comes complete with designer furnishings, botanical garden wall, wooden floorboards, floor to ceiling windows, a rooftop deck, intelligent lighting system and photovoltaic panels for off-the-grid energy supply.
“The whole house has been made from a dedicated relationship with, and inherited sense of, the Scandinavian design approach,” Sanitov Studio’s lead designer, Alexander Hamilton Hose, told Gizmag. “The home is inspired by what the possibilities of the mobility of a boat and the solidity of a house can bring in one vision, including playing on the natural surroundings of the river.”