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Why Humans Have Evolved So Fast

• arclein
Along with the increase in brain size came a reduction in the size of the teeth and face along with other changes in the skull.[ This was driven by access to fire and the derived ability to process complex plant foods and is nothing special in itself - arclein]

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I am not sure this article really addresses why humans have evolved so fast. 

I agree with Klein that human using fire as a tool dramatically effected our evolution. [One of the 5 senses some mosquitoes use to track prey (in this case exclusively human) is light.  Before using fires to keep warm, discourage predation, extend work, cook mosquitoes would have no use for attraction to light.  They evolved it and they likely did so fairly concomitantly with out adoption of fire.]

But as for brain size, all of the great apes show massive increase in brain size versus body mass.  You can even see this trend in the lesser apes so it is a feature of the primate line.  Humans took this to extreme with it endangering the survival of the birthing mother to this day.  With adaptation, especially both the fetal and female adaptation to allow the huge head/brain to pass though the pelvis and birth canal, and then the newborn essentially continuing as an external "autonomous" fetus outside the body for two more years of brain growth until the terrible twos are reached with concomitant unused brain pathways dying off.