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Steve Pieczenik: World War III starts 25 September 2012

•, by Jim Fetzer
Dr. Steve Pieczenik, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in three administrations, who earned his Ph.D. at MIT, has revealed that he has been told by a high-ranking general–whom I believe to have been Gen. Richard Myers–that 9/11 was a “false flag” attack, which was done by the government in order to arouse the American people to support wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. On Alex Jones, he has now asserted that Israel is going to attack Iran on Yom Kippur, which begins on Tuesday, 25 September 2012. He insists that Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu are at odds over this, where Obama and the Pentagon are opposed to any such attack. I think Pieczenik is very honest and has run risks by revealing that he was told it had been a “false flag” operation to induce the public to support wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq.
 I wish that I could believe that the US “won’t be drawn into another unpopular war”. Given the coming November presidential elections, however, where a new war in the Middle East would be overwhelmingly unpopular with the American public, Obama needs plausible deniability, which means that it must appear to the public as though this engagement was initiated by Iran, where the most likely scenario has an Israeli sub torpedo the USS Enterprise, our first nuclear-powered carrier, and blame it on Iran.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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To start with F*** facebook. I am not going to be forced to join joust to post a comment. So here is what I attempted to post there:

Here is all the evidence you need that this entire article is either a lie, or perhaps a drug induced fantasy. $100.00 says that nothing happens by October 1. 2012 --- I am giving you an entier extra week. Any takers?