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Ex-CIA chief Michael Hayden: "Only the U.S." can strike Iran nuclear sites effectively

• CBS News
He reiterated previous comments by American officials who have said a single bombing raid would not be able to inflict significant damage on Iran's heavily-fortified nuclear sites. "They will have to be revisited - which only the U.S. Air Force would be able to do."

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Comment by PureTrust
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So, now you see what the FEMA concentration camps are for.

It takes a lot of precision technological labor, and a lot of physical labor that has a certain work-knowledge-ethic, to keep the big planes flying, and the big guns working, and the ammo continuing to roll out.

When the banking crash comes, the FEMA concentration camps will be the place where people will be detained, until they have been threatened with death sufficiently, so that they work willingly for the military-industrial complex, somewhat like the industrial laborers were forced to work for Hitler, in Germany, in WWII. And if they don't come around within a reasonable period of time, they will be executed - probably discreetly, so that there won't be massed riots.

The NDAA is the excuse that Government will use for carrying out this whole operation in broad daylight.

After all, you can't bomb the heck out of Iran or anywhere else without having a bunch of skilled laborers and thinkers keeping your military machine going.