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Chemical Massacre

 According to U.S. government statistics, you are 6200% more likely to be killed by your doctor than by a homicidal shooter.

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Comment by Ed Price
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This is just horrid, the fact that 783,936 people die each year due to the medical. And this is only the deaths to say nothing about those injured. But what is the other side of the story?

The point being made in this video/article, of course, is that the medical kills way more people unnecessarily than those that die from gun related incidents. But what about those being saved by the medical as opposed to those being saved or protected by guns? And what is the relationship between successful medical usage and successful gun usage? After all, there are loads of doctors and medical personnel, and there are loads hunters in Wisconsin alone. Or would this be like trying to compare apples and oranges?

Does anyone have a source for a study like this?

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