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Kickstarter of the Week: A Portable Scanner for Smartphones

•, By Nathan Hurst
 The Scanbox, designed by Phil Bosua, Ben Hillier, and Luke Allen, is an elegant solution to a simple but persistently frustrating problem.
On his Kickstarter page, Bosua calls the Scanbox a scanner for your phone, but it’s really more of a tripod. Made of laminated card stock (in your choice of 6 different colors) with magnets to hold it together, it’s designed to fold flat for transport, or to stash out of the way in a file cabinet. Constructed, it’s a trapezoidal box that stands 12 inches tall with a slot for your phone on top.

Upgrade to the Scanbox+ and you’ll also get rows of LEDs, powered by a 9-volt battery, to ensure uniform lighting. Just place your phone and snap a photo, or use a dedicated scanning app. Either way, no need for flash and no more blurry shots taken from your shaky caffeinated hand.

Bosua believes the Scanbox will be ideal for digitizing receipts and photos, as well as imaging 3-D objects. The project has already hit its $12,500 goal, but pledge in the next 50 days and one can be yours for $15.