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Assange: I’ll be called a traitor, interviewing radicals


What they would never say on mainstream TV – Julian Assange promises delicious revelations from his guests in The World Tomorrow on RT, hours before the world premiere.

RT: Why did you decide to do your own show and become a TV host?

Julian Assange: There are two reasons. First of all, being under house arrest for so long, it’s nice to have an occasional visitor and to learn more about the world. And given that the conversations we were having are quire interesting, why not film them and show other people what was going on.

That’s one reason. The second reason is that, as someone who’s given a lot of interviews before, and who’s been on the receiving end of very aggressive interview styles, I found that I wasn’t giving much away in these interviews at all. Pretty quickly you learn to just give your standard defensive responses so people don’t take what you’ve said out of context.

I wanted to have a different sort of approach with other people. And while that approach has been difficult in some ways, I think it has also succeeded in other ways, and revealed sides of very interesting and important people that are not normally revealed because they are not dealing with a standard interviewer, they are dealing with someone who is under house arrest, who has gone through political problems that they can sympathize with.

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Comment by David McElroy
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Those who have the audacity to defend themselves against corporate aggression are deemed "radicals".  Telling the truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary act. Exposing corruption is a threat to "national security". Those who fight with firearms and improvised explosives because they cannot afford tanks, fighter planes, missles and helicopter gunships, are called "insurgents" or  "terrorists".  Fascist empires "too big to fail" demand blood, sweat and tears as they steal all of our resources, dignities and freedoms. They are not content with ripping our flesh. They want to control our most private thoughts as well, fearing our very souls. A "transhuman" robotic zombie worker class is being developed, and most of us are to be culled according to United Nations Agenda 21. We must secede to succeed. Live free or die trying!