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Where Gas is Still Around $2 Per Gallon. . .

•, by Eric Peters
 Newtie won’t bring you $2 gas – and forget about BHO. He wants to bring you $8 gas – in line with what Enlightened Europeans pay. But there is a way to fill your tank for about $2 per gallon – using the Fed Funny Money in your pocket, too.

Just drive across the border.

It’s what a growing number of Arizona drivers are doing, according to a March 20 article over at (see here).

They’re willing to brave the Mexican banditos in the border towns – in order to do an end-run around the American banditos in Washington.

Gas prices are so much lower in Mexico for a number of reasons, including government price controls – but the point to be taken is that physical scarcity is not an issue south of the border. There is an ample supply of oil. If there weren’t, the prices would be going up everywhere, not just here.

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Comment by James Eldridge
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Here we go again. All of this information about the gas being controlled for the profit of a few and of course those devils in DC know all about this exploiting of the people, and not just here in the US according to this article.  More then ever we need someone like Ron Paul that will answer truthfully to the  people when asked about such things as this.