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UGANDAN OIL: US Africa Command a tool to Recolonise the African Continent

 The USA Africa Command, which America calls ‘Africom’, is a military structure of the Defence Department of America. Africom was formed in 2007 during President George W Bush’s second term of office. That was two months after America had bombed a small African country, Somalia, destabilising it to the ashes it is today and to the danger it now poses to Africa and international trade. The coast of Somalia is infested with sea piracy and kidnappings. This is as a result of the earlier American invasion of Somalia, in pursuit of its illegitimate economic interests in Africa. The political instability of Somalia has now caused the problem of ‘terrorism’ for East African countries such as Kenya.

In October 2011, the Institute of Security Studies held a seminar in Pretoria, South Africa, on United States’ security policy in Africa and the role of the US Africa Command. The main speaker was the American Ambassador to South Africa. He presented what was a ‘non-military insider’s perspective on the United States’ Africa Command.’

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Another oily issue! The US military goes forth to yet another foreign oil field not because America needs more petroleum products, but because our "national security" depends upon maintaining hegemony in forcing all oil sales to be conducted in US Dollars. Oil is not scarce, and the US actually exports a lot of gasoline and oil. America has several hundred years' worth of proven oil and gas in the ground. But controlling foreign oil sales funnels cash thru Wall Street into the Federal Reserve Banks, yielding tribute to the banksters who control US foreign policy and the impetus for war. Uncle Sam is like that little Dutch boy trying to plug the leak in the dike, but finds he does not have enough fingers or toes to stop them. But Uncle Sam is plugging oil spigots while claiming to be concerned about the energy shortage he controls! 

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