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FL Boy Attacked, Stripped Naked in Public, and Videotaped By Three Girls-Resulting In No Charges

There is a sharp disconnect between two prank stories this morning. When Tyrell Morton put an inflatable girl in the girl’s bathroom at his high school, he ended up with a felony charge and a potential jail sentence of eight years. However, when three eighth-grade girls from Dunbar Middle school in Florida tackled an 11-year-old boy and stripped him naked (and proceeded to videotape him and taunt him), they were let go as a simple prank in bad taste.

In the video, the girls stop the boy to chat and then hold him down, strip him naked, and mock him. The video was put on YouTube. (It has since been taken down)

The boy is a fifth grader at Ray Pottorf Elementary. One girl faced a single misdemeanor battery charges, but it was abandoned when the boy’s mother has refused to press charges. I commend her for her restraint, but I wonder what the charge would be if a group of boys attacked and stripped a girl in public, videotaped her, and mocked her.

I tend to disfavor criminal charges in such cases. However, it seems clear that the girls should be expelled and subject to the most severe forms of school punishment. What I find interesting, however, is the sharply different treatment given such acts by boys as opposed to girls. Indeed, I doubt seriously this would have even confined to a misdemeanor if the genders were reversed or that, with the existence of the videotape, the failure to press charges would be determinative. If the police witness or have evidence of a felony, they do not necessarily require the consent of the victim.

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Comment by David Jackson
Entered on:

      It's a dman shame the boy doesn't have an adult in his life!

      As for the mindless little twirps who assaulted him and distributed the child prnography - including the assholes at the "social" website - they should all face felony charges, whether the kid's mother likes it or not!

      Score one for the so-called femeinist movement":  It has so polluted and convoluted the social consensus of American culture that otherwise sensible people are afraid to stand up for much of anything that even approaches decency or the simplest manifestations of right and wrong. These little shitheads should be strung up by their Buster Browns, and should finish whatever passes for their education in some sort of lock-down. They knew exactly what they were doing; they thought they could get away with it; and, they did get away with it. (Bottom line is that they are guilty, their parents are guilty, the boy's so-called mother is guilty, the system is guilty, and the website is guilty.)

     I'd tell you what I really think, but I might offend the sensibilities of one of the skanky little c----- who committed this cluster of felonies!


Comment by Matt Schnackenberg
Entered on:

i think the mother is an idiot. i would definitely push for some form of remuneration to teach those immature brats a lesson.

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