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James Williams of Matagorda County, Texas recounts a touching true story. Living in a still prejudice Texas In 1972, his wife had a complication with her pregnancy. No doctors would care for her or deliver their bi-racial child. In fact one of the hospital nurses called the police on James.

Dr. Ron Paul was notified and took her in, delivering their stillborn baby. Because of the compassion of Dr. Ron Paul, the Williams' never received a hospital bill for the delivery.

Ron Paul views every human being as a unique individual, afforded the rights endowed by our creator and codified in the Bill of Rights.

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Comment by Venancio Tan
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This comment catches my attention: "Many of us are engaged in a long term battle for the future of humanity …"

This is NOT quite true because only a few subversive elements of today’s society "are engaged in a long battle [AGAINST the Government] for the future of humanity." In fact the intelligence community has an eagle eye on them to protect the masses from their destructive activities when they use the battle cry "freedom" to destroy.

An example of this screwed up battle cry for freedom is this freedom to drink raw milk and the recommendation in the name of freedom to eat dangerous unpasteurized milk products produced in remote farms in the bayou … the freedom Ron Paul espoused, for ignorant to contract an epidemic of Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria and destroy the population.

Also in foreign policy, as parroted by their "Manchurian Candidate" Ron Paul, they want to abrogate U.S. global leadership, want to withdraw from the Middle East, wipe out foreign aid and turn the country into a RECLUSE – which is exactly what Osama bin wanted in his war of terror against America.

That’s the wrong battle to fight for the future of humanity. Only those who profit from the Ron Paul campaign would expand this freedom to destroy from 2012 onward. You can bet your last penny on it and still lose.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Over the last 5 years I can't remember a single attempt to defame Ron Paul not having an overwhelming 'Blowback' against the State Worshipers that were behind the efforts. Speed, Talent, Conviction, Intelligence, Endurance and Truth are a very powerful combination.

Vote Totals (accurate or not) are NOT the determining factor in the advancement of Humanity's evolution towards autonomous individuals free from coercion.

Many of us are engaged in a long term battle for the future of humanity (with a focus on our grandchildren, children and ourselves) that is rarely manifested in Government/Special Interest controlled Election Computer vote totals.

2012 is going to be a very interesting, dangerous and revealing year. And FreedomsPhoenix will be right in the middle of it. "The Plan" will be detailed in the January Edition of the eZine for our subscribers first ('cause I love them most :) and as our next effort to 'expand human freedom' starts to manifest itself, it'll be very clear how much Ron Paul and the LOV3olution has already "won" the hearts and minds of Generation Next..... the rest is just a mop up operation.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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I have commented that the Media keeps on thrashing Ron Paul. Only the other day, the New Hampshire newspaper – N.H. Union Leader – warned the public about Ron Paul as the “favored candidate of the lunatic fringe … which includes white supremacists, atni-Semites, [and] truthers…”

 Today, December 30th, just moments ago, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews described Ron Paul as “a delusional, paranoid, racist conspiracy theorist …” . The public is warned that “Paul was … a demon sent from the depths of hell to destroy humanity and plunge the planet into eternal darkness.”


A lot more of these thrashings and warnings is everywhere.  It is not only I or Renzulli that are waking up Ron Paul fanatics from their political oblivion – from their delusional belief, if you may, that as a presidential candidate Ron Paul has already won!


Letting the public know that Ron Paul is unfit to run for president is nothing personal to us. We do not deserve to be the object of a madman’s editorial ire at least in this website because we disagree with his insane belief that Ron Paul should be the next president of the United States! The whole world disagrees! The whole world rejects this delusional belief that Ron Paul will be the next president of the United States -- as if insulting our intelligence was not enough!



Comment by Norm Nipperus
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 Great video. I donated. Dr. Paul is likely the best hope we have for avoiding an American Spring.

No one's perfect. Like a Brother indicated in the second video, I also don't care if Dr. Paul doesn't like something about me, what I like is that he understands this and wants to reduce back down the power of the presidency and of our obviously out of control federal government - a president and government who thinks they're perfect and therefore can legislate and order me what to do for my own good.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Warning! Renzulli …Tan …I am glad like me you are also standing your ground. Like me both of you do not agree with Powell Gammill’s opinion that Ron Paul will be the next president of the United States. He believes that Ron Paul had already won!! Watch out! Any persistent disagreement to his view usually makes him mad. It is not wise to make mighty editors mad. We might exit this website earlier than Ron Paul’s announcement to quit! Just take note of what I’m saying.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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At least in this website, our Editor-For-Ron Paul, Powell Gammill, is already preparing his excuses for Ron Paul’s defeat.

Direct from his mouth: "I would hate to see him win the Presidency because it would only happen if the powers that be knew the economy was going into the shitter in the next four year, they could do nothing to delay that and they want Ron Paul holding the bag when it collapses so they can say, "It's his fault.  If only he had listened to us!  We could have saved the nation.  Get him!!!!" [sic]

This could be an early indication that Ron Paul’s announcement to quit is just around the corner.

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
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There is no way Ron Paul will ever make it to the presidency.

In my comment on "More Lies From Ron Paul", campaign handlers who are making a lot of money should now stop their padded endorsement of Ron Paul in the alternative media to raise more "pocketable" money. The Main Stream Media [MSM] had already crossed him out.

While MSM had already X-rated Ron Paul out, by this time fragments of bullheaded supporters should realize that the fund-raising build up of Ron Paul’s image of which they expect to get more money, had accelerated his way out.

In this obvious propaganda – The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul – the bi-racial issue or the race game was played to make Ron Paul appear as a "hero" who is fighting racial discrimination. I think the public sees through the veneer of this conspiracy to lie to make Ron Paul look like an "angel", as clear as the light of day.

It is obvious to me that this portrayal of Ron Paul as the "favored candidate of the lunatic fringe" [New Hampshire Union Leader] is calling the attention of the people of this Ron Paul sponsoring website, that in this on-going presidential race, the horse they are betting on has already lost. To borrow Tan’s catchphrase on the dot, Ron Paul sponsors must know that their candidate is already on his way to the "dumpsite of political losers".

To die-hard supporters, reality is too illusive to catch. Objectively – no bias, just looking at it objectively -- I hope this helps.

Those who couldn't argue, throwing dirt at me won't help either.


Comment by Powell Gammill
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Quite correct PureTrust.  Ron Paul has already won.  He is getting his message out there to ever wider audiences and those who oppose and belittle him help.   

I would hate to see Paul win the Presidency (winning the nomination would be fine however). 

I would hate to see him win the Presidency because it would only happen if the powers that be knew the economy was going into the shitter in the next four year, they could do nothing to delay that and they want Ron Paul holding the bag when it collapses so they can say, "It's his fault.  If only he had listened to us!  We could have saved the nation.  Get him!!!!"

Comment by Ed Price
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If Dr. Paul somehow made it into office as President, do you think his 4 short years would effect any changes worthwhile?

When the nation started way back in the late 1700s, the ideals of freedom were also based in freedom to do business, on an individual scale, as well as in groups of people, if the people of any particular group so decided. It is the big groups that have used their freedom to destroy much of the freedom of the individual. And most individuals don't even see it.

The best thing that Dr. Paul might do, as President, for the individual, is to give him a chance to wake up to the fact that he is losing his freedom, that his slavery is being locked in, that the whole world is coming under this slavery, and that he (the individual) needs to prepare for it right now. Anything else that Dr. Paul (or any freedom-loving candidate/President) might do won't even slow down what the Big Government machine is doing to remove individual freedoms.

Without winning any nomination or government office, Ron Paul is doing his freedom job right now. He is waking the people up. He is preparing them for the freedom fight that they will need to do just to survive in the future. In other words, Ron Paul has won already, whether he is nominated or elected for anything!

Haven't you noticed that it is the platforms of the candidates and potentials that give the people the most understanding of what things could be like? And when the ideals expounded in those platforms aren't put in place, that's when the people wake up the most.

Ron Paul has already won... and maybe more so if he loses in his political race. The people are waking up. This is the last chance the One-World Government - which is based mostly in America - will have to truly make slaves of the whole world.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The NAACP President Didn't Get the 'Ron Paul Is a Racist' Memo Either Actually, It's White Liberals Who Are Racists



Comment by Matt Schnackenberg
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Jose, you are an idiot.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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This alleged compassion won’t work!


No matter what the angels from heaven say about Dr. Ron Paul like in this propaganda video where the black race is being played in his favor, the GOP will never nominate him the Republican candidate for president.  His beliefs are all black magic that comes far deeply from down under – some kind of a dark political and economic witchcraft that rises from the bowels of politics. In the eyes of the American public, he is too unfit even in pretending to run for president.  As usual, he and his handlers should just take the money they have collected so far, and run away while they still can.