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Keeping Your Home Secure in a Technological World

• Pennington

With unemployment on the rise, crime is bound to increase all around the country. Not only are flash mobs a continuing concern, but burglaries are becoming a prevalent issue as well. Being aware of possible bouts of crime, the technologies that are being used against you and and designing a home defense system around this will help to better protect your home.

It is a common misconception that all thieves are brainless halfwits who are easily led by quick cash for drugs. I’m not going to dismiss this, in some cases it is true, however, with the continuing deterioration of the economy, overall crime is going to double and there will be some indivudals who will be desperate enough to turn to a new found life in crime. The sooner you accept this as a reality, the sooner you will realize that these new criminals are more evolved from your everyday petty thief. They will be patient and take their time by researching the best possible way to hit a residence in order to bypass getting caught. That being said, you need to be ready for it and do some research of your own to stay ahead of the game. To beat these criminals, you have to let yourself begin to think like a criminal.
Emerging technology once viewed as a convenience, should now be perceived as a double edged sword. In order gain a bird’s eye view into your home, thieves are now using google maps to find the best vantage points. These thieves used Google Maps to target as many as nine suburban homes in a Chicago neighborhood for break-ins since March 2011, police said.

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