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Foreign Drivers License Protects Families

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Your home address is one of the most sensitive pieces of information you have. You don’t want uninvited visitors bothering you and your family at home. Even though lots of businesses want to get a hold of your home address for marketing purposes, there are a lot of ways to prevent revealing your home address without paying that extra $1 for your Cheerios. Using a P.O. box or other ghost address will usually cut it when you need to share your home address without disclosing where you and your family actually hang out.

One of the only times that you can’t use a ghost address is with a drivers license. A drivers license is an absolute necessity for most people and you can’t get one unless you reveal the place where you and your family lay your heads at night. Usually. There is one way to drive legally in the US without having to give away your most sensitive information. Use a foreign drivers license. Revealing Home Address Is Not Safe “But,” you say, “not just anyone can go look up DMV records.” “What is the harm,” you proclaim, “from sharing your home address with the government?” Remember the geniuses you had to deal with the last time you were at the DMV? They are the ones protecting the vast amounts of information in their databases. A little bit of social engineering and, voila: data is easily compromised. Plus, the bigger the stash of data, the bigger the target for identity thieves and hackers. DMV databases are ripe targets because they house so much important data. Yet the public is essentially forced to store their data in DMV databases and take that risk.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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This may be all good information and may work in some cases, but why not expose the real truth behind the DOT and all it's players for the racketeering operation they really are?  When you begin to see the truth for what it really is, you begin to wonder if you're not living in the Twilight Zone.

Go read the 1st amendment of the Constitution

Common sense is self evident. Since when did rights become privileges? 

Since when was it a privilege to go pick your children up from school on a stormy day/

Since when was it a privilege to travel to the store to purchase groceries for you and your family?

Since when was it a privilege to go to the church of your choice?

Since when was it a privilege to travel to your government offices to redress your grievances?  

It has been ruled by the SC over and over again that the highways are open by a matter of RIGHT to the traveling general public.

Did you see that? BY A MATTER OF RIGHT.

How have we come to a point of road nazies with guns and badges plundering the traveling public for profit? PLP ( Policing for profit.) Not to mention the insane abuse that goes along with this treason on a daily basis across this country including serious harm and even murder.

 Trying to avoid these road pirates through paper tripping may work some times, but why not cut the head off the snake using it's own mouth. The real secret is to wake up the people with education in the truth and start realizing how dumbed down we have all been by design on these issues. Here is a grass roots movement out of Oregon that are doing just that. 


"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic." --Dresden James

“When armed force compels compliance with mythical laws and money is demanded for its violation, power will corrupt and greed will never be satisfied.”
Richard L Koenig

When the people come together and start filing law suits and criminal complaints against these institutional frauds under the color of law, then you may start to see real justice, not justus.


The next BIG issue is registration and titling. That's another revenue generating tool that has been conditioned into our society in stealth mode over the generations, but also another unbelievable facet of this corporate fascist regime we live under today. The hits just keep on coming.

Are we really living in the land of the free?

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