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Real ID Act blocks some Americans from driver's licenses

Strict federal rules aimed at keeping terrorists off planes are blocking some Americans from renewing their driver's licenses or getting other state-issued IDs.

The consequences can be staggering. Without an ID, people cannot change jobs, drive legally, collect Social Security or Medicare, get through airport security or open a bank account.

It's "a persistent problem across the country," says Chris Calabrese, legislative counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union.

The problems stem from the Real ID Act, passed by Congress in 2006 in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, when terrorists used easily obtained driver's licenses to carry out their plans.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Kim Dyer:  comment just posted about British Monarchy and Vatican controlled RICO is mine, as my name continually is sensored off of this site.  Most likely for questioning its controllers.

Comment by Anonymous
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This is unfortunately, another example of problem, reaction, solution political profiteering.  RFID Microchip implantation is big business, particularly for social control, lack of privacy, allowing furtherance of corruption and governmental intimidation, this is what I witnessed in 1998 was a part of what was identified as "the ADOT study" think tank that I was given names for whom to call, but nothing was random at all, and I witnessed conversations, and was informed of things, technologies included about mind reading, etc. that definitely implied the ability for a certain "cult" (I say after much research and experience the cult was:  the Illuminati Vatican/Royal monarchy RICO control of our country that Kennedy identified in his speeches and passed the 1961 RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) act to protect us from) to microchip implant people and deactivate chips of problem people who "step out of line"... it was said it would never happen, but it was PRE-9/11, the unimaginable terror upon American soil.   Through this corruption and deliberate red tape, they are already raising money for the Nazi/Jesuit/Zionist RICO network prison industrial complex by targeting people who step out of line, or just to bring worker slaves for the profits that each prisoner brings to the complex.  It is a sick beast that the average American can not even comprehend because of their brain-washings despite evidence that we are so "Free" although we, I am informed, have the highest prisoner population per capita in the world.  Freemasonry, among other societies, religious, governmental have all been sucked into this web, particularly through any religion's relationship to banking and government.  Food for thought.  These are all brands of religion that serve the same 'store,' same controllers and owners operating out of sovereign European entities, such as Rome... Global mafia pushing for Zionist New World Order, Biblical mark of the beast.  Man-made or real, this prophecy would not have been rocket science to foretell.  Along with this Zionazi agenda, including "holocaustianity" is the deliberate and fabricated of hate for Jews, through counterfeit jewry of Khazarian Empire gypsy killlers for hire who hijacked the Jewish identity-again, it all goes back to the British Monarchy frauds and Rome~ the Vatican Jesuit.


Comment by Ed Price
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The really real problem is that the States and Federal want us to have a driver license at all!

Let's say you want to walk to the store, to some other city, to some other state, maybe to some other country. What kind of driver license do you need to do it?

When you walk, do you need a driver license to carry your comb around with you, in your pocket? How about your purse? How about a very big box? How about a box so big that you sit in it while you walk?

What about a very big box that lets you simply wiggle your feet on a couple of pedals and turn a wheel a little bit... as you walk?

It's called "right to travel." I wonder which Amendment givers us the right to travel?

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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We are getting a little taste of the mark of the beast.

The real problem is state legislature: spineless, ball-less  twits

that refuse to nullify this non-sense.


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