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Scott Horton Interviews Becky Akers


Becky Akers, columnist at, discusses her blog post “Déjà Vu for the Tenth Time This Year” about the repeated arrests of TSA screeners who can’t keep their hands off kids; how government agents are empowered to essentially molest children and view pornography in their official capacities, but arrested for doing the same things outside work; what a private security alternative to the TSA would look like; the long history of government influence in the US airline industry; and why a government powerful enough to persecute minorities will eventually subjugate everyone else too.

MP3 here. (25:48)


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Comment by David Jackson
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      C'mon, guys...Read a history book that is about something other than a Spears' boob-job.

       All of history records various "government functionaries" abusing the vassles and serfs. Our own illustrious backround is full of accounts of the "powers" fondling, raping, and otherwise abusing children, slaves, indentured servants, native americans, Asian contract workers, wives, and just about anyone else they deemed to be in some manner second-class or "property". It is what these sort of freaks do for fun. Hell, if they couldn't abuse someone, they wouldn't take the job(s).

        Face up to it:  We - the prior "citizens" of the United States of America - are little more than renewable resources, voting blocks, tax machines, and powerless dupes to be manipulated for the benefit and pleasure of the assholes who believe they are better and more "entitled" than the rest of us. Make that any number of the people who are sucking on the public teat, in their civil service and "elected for life" - if they have any say - worthless existences.

         This is only going to get worse. Try forgetting the trite crap that your teachers and other government shills crammed up your ass, and look around. Just as cops on ly know three kinds of people, the same can be said for those who have hitched themselves to the political bandwagon or sold whatever might have passed for their soul for a free ride, at the expense of the rest of us.

           If you don't understand this stuff, now, you aren't likely to at any time in the very near future. You will, however, know it all too well when it is too late!   

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