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So you think you have a great idea for an app? (3:31)

Tech Tonic: Yesterday we looked at the creative process behind making an app. In Part II of our industry of apps series with Anthony DeRosa, what makes an app succeed?

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Comment by PureTrust
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What a thought provoking headline! You've heard of Bitcoin, right? How about bitEmail? Unbreakable encryption. Sender and receiver unknown. And what if you made it all Cloud?

Then people in Government would have a method of sending unbreakably encrypted emails to each other. And if you put it all up on the Cloud, nobody would even know for a fact who sent them and who received them, except if the sender or receiver wanted to reveal it. Because the "email wallet" would not be located on anyone's computer, but up in the Cloud, there would be no proof.

And no more troubles for whistleblowers, either!

In fact, if you added bitHacker and bitWebsite, folks would be able to hack into websites to put up whistleblower messages anytime they needed. Soon you would have all the Government people so focused among themselves, on who could be trusted and not, that they would be distracted from all us freedom fighters.

In fact, Government just might collapse in a pile of rubble because nobody would ever know who was going to name names, and if their name might be next on the list. At worst, the size of Government would be reduced, and true honesty would set in.

These apps are something Anonymous could build rather easily I'm guessing.