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Illegals get amnesty, rest are on the dole


I see where our drug police found and seized 4 acres of marijuana plants growing on Mount Charleston, northwest of Las Vegas. The pot farmers are bad people because they litter and sometimes hunt wildlife out of season, says Forest Service spokesgal Judy Suing.

Suing says the field was accidentally discovered by a police rescue helicopter months ago. By waiting all summer, authorities can claim more tonnage destroyed. It's unlikely that accidents led to the discovery of the six other local fields Suing says authorities are soon planning to exterminate, though.

In fact, these outfits spend millions of tax dollars overflying sparsely inhabited areas, employing high-resolution thermal imaging. Then, lots more is spent eradicating a harmless ditch weed that Nevadans -- like residents of a whole bunch of other states -- have said should be legalized for medical use and otherwise treated as the lowest law enforcement priority.