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Obama Warns Of Norway Style Lone Wolf Shooting In American On Or Near Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

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President Obama, with the help of the corporate controlled media, has warned/threatened a Jared Loughner or Oslo Norway style attack on the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to be carried out by a so called lone wolf terrorist.

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Comment by Catherine Abbitt
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We should all be thanking whomever reported this.  Thanks for the warning!!

Comment by David Jackson
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    I'm shaking all-over. Please, pass a law keeping young people from gathering in any group of more than three...Make it against the law to commit mass murder - Opps! Got carried away. Let's make it "illegal" for kids to go to camps. Maybe we should make it illegal for people to defend themselves - Opps! Lost my head.

   Whatever we do, let's make sure that we penalize and control as many people as possible. Oh, yeah, and lest's subvert as many rights as we can. hard to tell when we'll have another opportunity.

    Boy, howdy! How do people ever survive without government to keep them safe?

Comment by James Eldridge
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Isn’t that the occult thing that they are suppose to tell you before hand just what their plans are before murdering you? Whenever something of this magnitude does happpen, I hope that those of you that are still left alive will pick up those weapons closest to you and go after all of those devils in public offices that had these plans for the deaths of millions already on the books and just how to go about it. I don’t think I will be around to help afterwards because I live in one of those places that will be on that list of five.

Comment by Anonymous
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Never mind Obama. Inanimate Government and those who don't have a heart to fight terror, only the Government, are not enough to protect us. Intense government surveillance will. If you have to open your sandwitch before taking a bite to see if there is a terrorist hiding there, do it. What you are doing is the only way to save us all.

Let's save the innocent and all the national security believers from harm, except the cynics who will come to terms with their indifference and stupidity -- and perhaps learn their lesson -- six feet below the ground!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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He said it was the most likely, most dangerous situation in th USA and that we had to do more to protect against lone terrorists. 

I can only think of one way to do that.  Intense surveillance of all at what we say, write, buy, travel and setup an extensive snitch apparatus.  Oh wait, we already have government to protect us from the lone gunman.