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False Flag Hackers Team Up?


Horizons LulzSec and Anonymous team up, plan digital destruction ... LulzSec and Anonymous have joined forces, and "any government or agency" is the target. LulzSec and Anonymous have teamed up. Their target? The government. Any government, really. – Christian Science Monitor

Dominant Social Theme: Anarchy spins out of control.

Free-Market Analysis: Not long ago, we wrote how incomprehensible it was that anyone would believe that TWO US military-oriented males would set up lesbian websites unbeknownst to each other and then join forces (each thinking the other was a lesbian) to slam Syria's policies towards women with alternative sexuality. It seemed like a classic psyops to us at the time – the kind in which Western Intel specializes; you could almost hear the giggling of young agents in the background. You can see the editorial we posted here: Gay Ops of American Intel?

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