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Government 'may have hacked IMF'

Hackers who broke into the International Monetary Fund's computer system may have been backed by a nation state, according to security experts. They point to the sophisticated nature of the attack and the resources needed to develop it. Malicious software, designed to steal confidential files, was installed on at least one IMF computer. Although government involvement is widely suspected, the IMF has not released enough details to be sure. Digital insider Based on the limited information made public, it appears that the attack came from a specific PC that had been deliberately infected. Hacker software was likely to have been installed on it in what is known as a spear-phishing attack, which sees highly targeted scam e-mails sent to specific victims. A memo circulated internally at the IMF reported that "suspicious file transfers" had been detected.

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Comment by Laura Baker
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You better believe all of these hacks are gov sponsored, how else will they find the excuse to take control of internet, and justify them monitoring and taking control of our computers, routers, printers, cell phones,..etc.

Comment by Ed Price
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Who says there aren't any brains in Government?! If we gotta be subservient to the IMF and the Big World Bankers, we might as well find out what they are doing... and maybe even take them over.