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RUN FROM THE CURE - Full Version

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For more info Learn about Rick Simpson, the man who rediscovered the cure for cancer and shared it with as many people as he could Recently while traveling from Canada Rick had his house raided again for the third time, and while Rick always admitted with pride that he had grown medicinal hemp and cured people with it... the police fabricated this "raid" and found no marijuana and actually stole other things from the property, and all without producing a warrant. The police force that broke into Rick's home and destroyed the inside stole the very security cameras that proves what they were doing.

Rick had no marijuana on his property, yet he has been charged with the best the police and prosecutor could come up with. Rick tore himself away from his heavy healing work to pick up the the Cannabis Cup Award in Amsterdam and due to this horrible turn of events many people will probably die without their medicine. rabbitholecentral tv is trying to throw as much light on this story as possible as the plight of these patients today maybe be yours tomorrow and of all the most valuable things to acquire in life knowledge is the greatest. Learn about hemp oil.
Finally in its entirety the should-be-award-winning documentary by Christian Laurette. If you haven't seen it before here it is on Paula Gloria's old director's account so you can see and share it on youtube more easily.