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Slight Of Hand Is Meant To Distract You

Slight of Hand is meant to distract you. Distract you from what? How about the theft of your productive efforts, the total capture of global markets and politics, war, and especially WHO it is that produces and controls the money the world over? Make no mistake, the central bankers might as well be wearing a bandana over their faces and holding a gun to your head, they are robbing all of us (the people of the world) in broad daylight, while distracting us with their slight of hand. And the nuclear situation in Japan is NOT getting better as the media proclaims! There is now smoke emanating from reactor 3’s spent fuel pool, that’s the one with the plutonium fuel… and radioactive iodine and cesium are being found in the water, in the milk, and in leafy vegetables in many parts of Japan. They continue to pour sea water on the reactors and rod storage pools without concern for the radio active steam or water runoff and where it’s going. Had they buried the reactors and pools with sand, this type of runoff would not be happening. Oh yeah, restoring power to that smoldering heap is going to help: And let’s not discuss where this radiation is going around the globe, no let’s downplay the risk – at least that’s what the mainstream does in order to placate you. I, on the other hand, want to practice risk management, and that involves looking at the possible scenarios and then being prepared should the worst happen. Let’s start with what we know… the food supply in Japan is contaminated. It is likely to be contaminated for quite some time as radiation contamination doesn’t just go away quickly. That’s a huge strike to the world’s supply of food. Now let’s say that the radiation moves across the U.S. blanketing farmland, dairy land, and fruit orchards. What would be the result? Well, everyone would want non-contaminated food… and the second it’s reported that the food in the U.S. is contaminated, EVERYONE will want to run out and stock up on food that was produced prior to the contamination – that would be the food that’s sitting on the store shelves right now. That food could be gone in an instant.

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