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Green Patriot Posters x Shepard Fairey

Inspired by a World War II poster exhibition, Green Patriot Posters is a design campaign that encourages building a sustainable economy. “The World War II posters were able to create a sense of heroism and strength to everyday actions,” co-founder Edward Morris explains. “I suddenly realized that is something we really need for the sustainability movement — images that can impart solidarity, urgency, optimism, anger, and the feeling that you can make a difference.” Founded in 2008, the initiative began with a bus ad campaign and has since organized a number of educational programs and exhibitions. In partnership with the Canary Project, Space 15 Twenty will be hosting two such events this November. The first is a youth workshop on November 13-14, presented in conjunction with Make Something!! and the Human Impacts Institute. “High school students are the perfect age to engage with sustainability because they have open minds but are also critical,” says Morris. Led by designers

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