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Are Jews and Masons and Jesuits Conspiring to Control the World?

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"If one is uninformed on these issues and reads only anti-Semitic literature, it is easy to view the world as in the grip of Jews who are planning our enslavement, and anyone who does not agree is looked upon as a lackey or a coward for not speaking up against them. Unfortunately, some Christians see this as a central part of their religious belief, and the issue sometimes becomes clouded by theology." (G. Edward Griffin) 

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Comment by Robert Bilyeu
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The message of Jesus Christ throughout his ministry on earth was that of love toward the "Creator" and toward all men.  The only two instances of his anger towards others I can find is in his driving of the "Moneychangers" from the temple and of his railing against the Sanhedrin, specifically the "Pharisees", because of their placing of "oral laws" either on an equal level or a superior level to that of the "Creator".

 The problem with Zionism, as I see it, is the same as the problem with "Collectivism" and that of the "Money Powers" in that there are those who wish to have a position of "Special" or "Preferred" status and who wish to use the coercive power of Government to reach their desired ends.  It would do us good to remember that there are those of "Jewry" who are anti-zionists as well as those who are zionist.  There are also those of the Christian community who believe that their theological belief depends upon the return of Israel to their Homeland, and as a result, would support the Nation of Israel regardless.

 Douglas Reed in his book "Controversy of Zion" stated that at the time of the return of the Jews to Palestine, there were 9,000 Jews in Palestine who had assimilated with the Palestinians.  There are also Christian Palestinians. 

Comment by Anonymous
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No, the Jews are no longer in the game for control of the world.  We won that hand from them a couple of weeks ago at our monthly poker game.  They're now down to control of various South Pacific islands.  The Jesuits???  I'm afraid the Black Robes are still in, but really, they haven't a snow balls chance in Hell.  The Masons are coasting and the Mormons are still working on their years supply of food.  I would keep my eye on the Black Panthers though.

Comment by Anonymous
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In Germany everybody gets thrown into the prison for many years who do not believe in the Holocaust-Ideology. This says everything about the political control of the JEWS and there extreme danger towards a free society. You can deny the holocoust on the Native Americans,  on the unborn children (abortion) and on the victims of second-hand smoking - no problem, but if you say that you do not believe in the so called holocaust of the Jews than they will throw you into the prison for many years in Germany - this is how the Jewish Lobyists are destroying the freedom of speach and destroing the lives of all the people with a different opinion. By the way I do not deny the so called "Holocaust" of the Jews, because I do not want to end up in the prison for many years, but I do know who is the real anemy of any kind of free society...  And, just make some resurch how AIPAC controls the US-Department of Homeland Security and who wants the police state...
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