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Voting Shenanigans in Indiana?

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Did IN Republican Secretary of State Candidate Commit Voter Fraud?
Bil Browning
Posted: September 27, 2010 12:12 PM

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is being touted as a 2012 presidential candidate by national media and conservative political pundits due, in part, to Charlie-White-Bio-Picture.jpgIndiana's controversial Voter ID law, one of the most restrictive voting laws in the entire country. Gov. Daniels argued strenuously that this law was necessary to 'protect the integrity of the vote' and to 'prevent voter fraud', despite there not being one single documented case of in-person voter fraud in the history of the state- until now, perhaps.

Believe it or not, questions are swirling around Charlie White, the Mitch Daniels' endorsed Republican candidate for Secretary of State. That's right, the candidate who, if elected, would be responsible for administering elections in Indiana and overseeing the exact same laws he's being accused of violating!

If elected, White would be responsible for administering the 2012 presidential election - the same election Daniels is hoping wins him the White House.
Here's the source article referenced above:
Residency question dogs GOP secretary of state candidate Charlie White
GOP secretary of state candidate under attack
Evansville Courier & Press
Posted September 23, 2010 at midnight

— The Republican candidate for Indiana secretary of state is under fire for living on the east side of Fishers, an Indianapolis suburb, while registering to vote and representing a town council district on the west side.

In February, Charlie White moved into a condominium outside the district he represented. But at the time he did not leave his council post.

White updated his voter registration, but instead of listing the new address where he now lives, he used the address of a house in which he and his former wife lived until they divorced in 2007. She now owns that house.

White remarried in May.

He said he resigned Tuesday, as required by state law, after he was notified that he no longer lives in the district he represents.

"Because of my statewide campaign for secretary of state and recent marriage, I failed to realize my new residence was outside my council district. Once notified of the situation, I took immediate action to correct the issue," White said in a statement.

He now faces criticism from Democrats who are questioning whether he is fit to head the state office that oversees voter registration and elections.

Greg Purvis, a former Democratic Fishers Town Council candidate who criticized White at a Wednesday news conference, took credit for forcing the issue. He called for White to exit the secretary of state's race.