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Hand Count/Audit of Arizona Primary Ballots Happens Today

• Me as Official Observer for the Libertarian Party
In the 2008 Presidential Election I 'observed' and participated in the Manual Validation hand count of select batches of ballots in an upstairs training room at Sheriff Joe's 35th Avenue and Durango facility.  The 'Official' results of this count is shown when you hit 'read more'.
Yesterday, I attended the check-in and orientation at the same facility (at least the Sheriff isn't a CANDIDATE ON THE BALLOT like last time) which was well attended - by the Republicans and Democrats.  42 of each, "as required by law" according to Karen Osborne, Maricopa County Elections Director.
I was the only Libertarian.
In reality, there were two other persons there I knew from the Ron Paul Campaign (obviously registered Republicans), and they were both happy to see me!  At least I had someone to talk to at breaks (heh heh).
I would write a LOT more on this (I will later) but I have to get ready to go back to the West Side to hand count ballots from 9 to 5.  Hopefully we will finish all the 'selected' batches today, and I won't have to go back tomorrow.
One thing I will add here is this little tidbit I found this morning searching for ANY MENTION OF THIS EVENT HAPPENING (NOT!):
This is a Proposed Arizona Democratic Party Resolution - as passed January 23rd, 2010.
Note the name Bill Risner - that's important.
More tonight - I gotta go.