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Charles Hugh Smith: The Con of the Decade Part I

The con of the decade (Part I) involves the transfer of private debt to the public (the marks), who then pays interest forever to the con artists. I've laid out the Con of the Decade (Part I) in outline form: 1. Enable trillions of dollars in mortgages guaranteed to default by packaging unlimited quantities of them into mortgage-backed securities (MBS), creating umlimited demand for fraudulently originated loans. 2. Sell these MBS as "safe" to credulous investors, institutions, town councils in Norway, etc., i.e. "the bezzle" on a global scale. 3. Make huge "side bets" against these doomed mortgages so when they default then the short-side bets generate billions in profits. 4. Leverage each $1 of actual capital into $100 of high-risk bets.