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French Statute Criminalizes ‘Psychological Violence’

The French parliament has approved a law that makes psychological violence a criminal offence. Anyone past the age of about eight could imagine all sorts of actions that may or may not violate the statute.

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Comment by stupid Amerkin
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You don't have to commit a crime to be arrested and thrown in jail. The ones actually committing the crime are the ones arresting  you without cause which happens thousands of times a day across this country. Most of these arrests are from illegal traffic stops from road nazies who in most cases, don't even know the first article of their own states constitution and this is what they signed to protect in their oath of office. If most of these men posing as peace or law enforcement officers knew what their oath really means they wouldn't be doing what they do on a daily basis plundering the people through the process of tickets, arrests UNLESS  A REAL CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED, & fear. Unfortunately it is very difficult to enlighten one to truth when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth.

Psychological Violence? The entire justus system's maxim.


Welcome to the Twilight Zone on Steroids




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