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Foreign Troops Training To Confiscate Guns of Americans

• Kurt Nimmo via Prison

In Operation Vigilant Guard, a Prison exclusive, reporters and filmmakers Rob Dew and Jason Douglass venture to Chicago, Illinois, to document the militarization of domestic response during disasters and terrorist events in the United States.

It is not simply the U.S. military — specifically the National Guard federalized under the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act — and Homeland Security along with local police participating in exercises held state-wide in Illinois, but the Polish and Latvian military as well.

The National Guard told the media that foreign soldiers would be “observers,” but as this Prison exclusive video reveals Polish soldiers participated in the activities, including a raid on what appeared to be a meth lab but is described as a weapons of mass destruction facility.

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Comment by jose sosa
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 i am very amazed at the amount of people that are awake. this fact makes me so proud,what freaks me out though is the fact that so many still have blinders on, or choose to ignore the facts.i have been at the front for awhile now and am used to the abuse i get for taking the facts out in the open, we must muster as many people to vote for those who will uphold the laws of the land! we should be prepared for the worst food guns ammo and the desire to be free,it may come down to the big fight,for this i am still prepareing......god willing we'll succeed peacefully os as jfk said "those who make peacefull revolution impossible make violent ones inevitable"goodluck and god speed........

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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@Die Daily

Paranoia is no excuse for bad grammar.

You am not very smart.

Comment by Die Daily
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Up to 37 accounts now are we? Sooooo subtle. You am smart, commie.

Comment by Duane Williams
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Comment by gene shires
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 the Government, will use gas, smoke, dogs, missiles,grenades, vehicles,night vision goggles, hunger, vaccines,sneak attack, and lies, to kill or stop, any resistor of their agenda. The oh-bah-ma admin is run by the silent rich, soros' and such like. they ain't worried about the 25 million, they know, they are gonna' have to kill. that's just less mouths to feed. ALL dictators kill off any dissenters, that's history. Pray!

Comment by william walsh
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     When the Polish and Latvian body bags start stacking up they will lose their desire to follow their masters. Just don't aim for the heads on the Poles, they are hallow.

Comment by Jamie Tash
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robert larson (#30572) You are what the good outstanding citizens of the USA are made of. One who upholds the Constitution and understands what these immoral politician's are trying to do. Some of the "law" enforcement will stand by the moslem but I think most of the military will not except for the Bam lovers. The problem is, they have been teaching other countries (foreign) to practice urban warfare on our turf and to confiscate guns. When it comes to the UN a-holes and their agenda they will send a foreign military here to do that work which will definitely incite a war. I say "bring it on" True Citizens of the USA will not stand by and let it happen, only the "cake eaters" will and they won't survive.

Comment by Die Daily
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`Just keep thinking it's only one person posting, the truth will come as a shock.` Says the cowardly commie femm traitor.

Comment by franklin jenkins
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EVERYONE .... listen to this. and follow up in your state. you have to be a natural born person of this country to even register in each state to get on the presidential ballot i.e. a American birth certificate. there has to be a public copy of that copy that can be verified. contact that part in your state and demand a copy. (nicely) as I've found out there isn't one, so far, in any state. and as it appears to me he (obama) wasn't voted in he was placed in... HES THEIR SCAPEGOAT  and once its all over he'll get the blame but THEY'LL still get their way and you'll never TRULY know the difference but you'll blame it on the black man

IN my 50 + plus years I've wondered why they keep making more laws to make more things illegal but now I've figured that out also. The more people they can put in prison (no matter what for) the less people there will be that will have guns and the less guns there will be out here for people to get when it all starts. History tells us that in the beginning of this country if you committed a crime and did your time you were restored to the public with a horse, saddle and weapon and full citizenship i.e. you've paid your debt to you pay that debt for the rest of your life over and over again.

What do you do when the killings done? And they've killed all the killers who wouldn't  run and the only one left to kill is the SON (CHRIST)

You pray over and over again.

Comment by Larry Hughes
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TO: Die Daily

Just keep thinking it's only one person posting, the truth will come as a shock.

Comment by Die Daily
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Wow, this commie troll has now reached a record 31 accounts in just 18 hours. Too hilarious.

Comment by Larry Hughes
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I'm curious ? What makes you all believe there will be an election in Nov., if Obama follows the general Marxist strategy, and he has up until now, a crisis will come along and the election will have to be postponed. Marxist never give up power without bloodshed.

Also if you read history the U.S. Government has spied on the people from day one. In the Civil War they hired detectives from New York to join militias in Washington D.C. so that when the war started they knew exactly who to arrest. Caution would be advised in what you write and who you speak to.


Comment by David Pierson
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Its apparent that most of the posters on here are die-hard constitutionalist, believe that Obama and company are dead set on a total takeover of America and will trash the constitution while they spit in the face of liberty. So many are wanting to join a militia and fight back. If you are one of these people who think the end of America as we know it is near, think (as Beck would say) beyond or outside the box.
Never in your wildest dreams would you have imagined this happening here in the USA, would you? How could a person who has so much to hide become the leader of the free world? How is it that schools cant even discuss Christian values but openly welcome all other religions? How is it that in today's world (right here in the good ole US of A) if you want to be looked at as a normal person you need to have a mohawk dyed in red and green hair and covered in tattoos from head to toe with earrings, eye brow rings, nose rings and rings elsewhere, be an illegal who flaunts your illegal activities, be completely reliant on government handouts or be married to someone of the same gender?
You worried that the Feds will take away your guns? Worried about being placed in concentration camps? Worried about an all out civil war or worried about this country becoming part of the 'new world order'?
You are seeing the beginning of your most horrifying dreams come true.
The progressives want to give our country and money to the rest of the planet and
the only way this world can become a one world global government is through the death of the United States of America.
Are you mad and/or confused?
The answers are written in the scriptures. GOD has foretold that which is to come and there is nothing we will be able to do to stop it no matter how hard we try. At least not without HIS help.
Men have been saying since the death and resurrection of Jesus that "the time is near" but they were all overlooking biblical hints such as right will seem wrong and wrong will seem right, mankind will develop an abundance of knowledge (the computer age) and the generation which sees Israel become a nation again will see the second coming of Christ. Sadly I cannot quote the scriptures but its close.
When you think outside the box (try it) you should be able to see what's happening.
I am in no way saying not to fight back (we can start by voter turn out) but prepare yourself by becoming closer to the one thing the progressives cannot grasp, JESUS CHRIST. He is the way and He is the only way you can truly win.

Comment by Paul Roe
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Locked and Loaded! New England is ready for a Civil War, and we know we have our National Guards and Coast Guards on our side. With that in mind, that gives us access to Boats, Auto's, Heli's, and all the Ammunition one would want/need. A military invasion up here, whether by American Military or an attack on us from another country WILL BE TREATED AS THE SAME! INVADE OUR LAND, WE DARE YOU!

Keep your eyes and ears open and your powder dry! SEMPER-FI! Also, GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH!

Comment by Bill Williams
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 We the retired veterans are watching and waiting. I am a retired veteran (CSM), I served 31 years as part of our "Elite Special Forces". Myself along with a few thousand others have upheld our Oath to our Country, Our Flag, Our Constitution and most importantly, to the American people. In light of the developments in the recent past, we have started to once again communicate, start re-defining and re-sharping our past skills and whipping our butts back into shape. I along with many of my Brothers and Sisters had hoped we would never have to pick-up a weapon again but, it would seem that duty may come calling again after all these years.

Comment by Don King
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 I hear, see and agree with many on this site, however I wonder if this is one of many oportunities for our henious government to begin to assimilate names and other information to identify the those of the speculated 25 million that need to be re-eductaed or terminated. We do need to begin to assimulate and begin the process of planning our defenses and watching each others backs for the coming, and I strongly express coming with out doubt of our henious governments takeover.  Remember friends we were required to enter our name and e-mail address to leave response on this site. Our e-mail addresses will trck our identity completely in most cases. I agree they will start by coming in the night, if we have local area groups quitely working to watch for the start we will be prepared as we see our brothers vanishing or being shot down as some radical nut case. I believe now is the time to find a web site to plan the beginings, then move out and away from the internet and build our armies quietly and with much vigor. I welcome anyone suggestions for where there might be such a site that is dedicated to palnning and then disappearing from the internet to build such an army. Remember my friends what happened to the so called radical group in Nothern Indiana that our government claimed was planning police executions, now that issue is completely asleep. O r the Waco compound in Texas the last time our unfriendly Democrats were in power, we don't know the truth in that our media is bought and paid for. At this point in the takover should we really trust comunications on the internet. It is coming we all know this, it has been in  the works for many decades slowly eroding the American people values and dedication to the Bill of Rights and Constitution. However we have seen a lurch forward in the last two years that signals the end is here and they are bold enough now with the control they have established to finalize their plans and complete the change. Lets stand brothers and sisters and stand willing to die but with strategic planning and fight these fools. Only God can help us now, and with his help and believing in him we can win and redeem our country for our grandchildren, we must all realize our children will in many cases most likely die with us, as I read the many insertions I see many who are as I from the 60's and 70's and our children are old enough to be brought into this coming war. God bless them and keep them, may he strengthen our hearts, minds and resolve so we are truly ready to pay the price for the future of our country. Don 

Comment by Dennis Carr
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You'll often hear talking-head Lefties bandy about the term "Orwellian" to describe the right without having any comprehension of what the term means.  What is truly Orwelian is a president who is fluent in Newspeak , politicians who are masters of Doublethink, and a Ministry of Information who rewrties history books and decides what the citizens of this country should and should not know.  There are many other parallels in the book that are quite frightening.

I recently read a blog by someone who had a discussion with a Cuban refugee who came to this country at the beginning of Castro's tyranny.  Frankly this is the most chilling thing I have ever read.  Please read:

 Wake up, Americans!

Entered on:

Looks like there are many of "us" ready to go to Civil War if neccessary.  I suggest that before we do that we eliminate the socialist /muslin administration that is in power,even if it means a miliary revolt.   I agree on this point, the moment we give up our arms, we become subjects and not citizens.  Buy AMMO and BUY GUNS WHILE WE CAN.   LETS MAKE A DIFFERANCE IN NOV!  LET "US" watch the POLLING PLACES for the Black Panthers or for that matter any group's influence on the rights of the American Voters.


Comment by Randy Vaughan
Entered on:

The Socialist and their foreign helmet sidekicks will surely lose if they should ever to pull such a foolish stunt.. They will underestimate, as all before them have, who force against the will, grit, and determination of the true American people. It will be a very sad day for those who test that spirit. What these foolish socialist and NWO freaks don't know will hurt them if they should even make such a mistake. The True American people have not only their own brothers and sisters united in defense of the United States, it's Constitution and sovereignty but serious friends and nations as well in certain places around the globe who detest socialism and NWO freaks. But the fatal blow to the NWO Socialist, their evil agenda, and their captains will be delivered by, the King of all kings who stood with General Washington and the True Patriots under his command when they to were pushed into a fight with the devil himself... In God We Trust.

Comment by Die Daily
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What an idiot. He keeps making new accounts just for this story. That's 22 accounts now. And he doesn't even bother to change the writing style between posts. Talk about stupid.

Comment by Rick Vandervort
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Any self respecting real American still in the possession of their good grass roots common sense can see where this political establishment is taking our country today. Marxism and it's communistic ways surely aren't dead because as you can see it's alive and well living in our Democrat controlled White House, Congress and the Senate. Is it any surprise that this administration would work on the disarmament of it's citizen when they know that it's only a matter of time before they revolt against them. Our countries fore fathers set us free from King George through a revolution and the likes of Obama and company fear the same thing coming from true Americans today. Today Obama works on building his own version of Iraq's Imperial Guard to ready control our citizens so isn't it time you ask yourself why? I'll live free or Die trying as did my fore fathers before me in the preservation of freedom. They'll only disarm me when they pry my weapons from my cold dead hands. I served my country in the 60's and would lay my life on the line still today for her but I'll be dammed if I'll sell her short without a fight to the likes of our government today. Keep your eyes and ears open, Your guns close and your powder dry.
Comment by Drew Marzilli
Entered on:

As far as I am concerned, I do not want to live in any country that is not free.

I, along with many many friends and aquaintences

Buy lots of ammo and also stock up on food, water and any medical supplies and medication that you may need, and also make sure that you have enough fuel on hand to make it at least 500 miles away from where you now live.  Bring it on NWO, America is waiting for you with a very very large welcoming committee

Comment by Louis Tita Jr
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Comment by Nate Forrest
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 All active/retired military and law enforcement need to join "Oathkeepers" and take the pledge....

Comment by Richard Olson
Entered on:

I have always thought that many of the new volunteers in the US military are anxious to take control of the US population but not sure if Obama would back up their believes. I have no doubt now! It is damn pleasing to hear from those who have and still are serving! I never even registered. Ended register before I was old enough and to old when reinstated. At age 50 now, the assault on freedom has already come to my door unarmed and I am afraid that well not be the case next time and I will be forced to buy future freedom with my life, gladly! I thank you all, living or not for providing my first 50 years of freedom!

Comment by Chuck Tuesburg
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If things go badly gor the Dems in Nov., I wouldn't be surprised to see martial law installed before the Nov. 2012 election.  As for foreign troops, I recall seeing pictures of a base in Texas completely occupied by the German Air Force.  Even all the street signs were in German.  Keep your eyes and ears open, and your powder dry.

Comment by Howard Engel
Entered on:

I agree with the guy who said he was glad to find a website that appeald to him. I am too. Frankly, I believe we have little time before it all turns for the worse. Those of us who truly believe in another revolution to save our country need a way to organize. We need to plan our moad of operation. We need a place to meet to start operations. And, to do so descretly as possible. To my knowledge we still have a right to assemble. I don't know how long we have even before the internet will be taken over by the corrupt in DC  namely Obama. I hear and read reports all the time that this is another one of his plans. His army is even coming across the southern boarder that's why he dosen't want to secure it. I have talked with some people about what they think of organizing and most of them think it is nonsense. When they wake up and see all thier freedoms fanished I am wondering what they will believe then. It'll be too late.I have prepared to live off the land if i becomes nessessary-- I have my rut ready to go with lots of ammo and all the important survival implements in it mainly because I figured I'd have to go it alone. I have been searching a good many of the survival websites to gain as much info as I can. That is the way I happen to run across this website---mearly by accident but I'm happy I did. Looks to me like there are still a lot of good patriots out there but we need to organize because just being a good patriot is not going to be good enough against obamas army.

Comment by Channels Patrick Henry
Entered on:

"I know not what course others may take, but as for me - give me liberty, or give me death!"

Comment by Dan Kay
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Just today, my wife and I had the privilige to buy a soldier and his wife lunch, we tried to remain annonamus (spelling) but he insisted to his waitress as to our identification. He approached our table to say thanks and we talked a bit. He is a specialist in the MP's at Ft Lewis, WA. I told him that there may come a time when he was to determine if he was on the side of the American people and the Constitution or the politicians. He was very adament about knowing he would NEVER take up arms against the American citizens and that he was not the only soldier who has already made plans for that time. I feel that it will take foreign troops to try it because the American Armed Forces will not. Just wished their ammo wasn't locked up where an covert opperation from the US/NWO could keep them from getting to it!! 

Comment by Ronald Brewer
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Finally I found a web site were the people think like I do, I've been saying for some time now that we need to have another American Revolution, most people tell me that we should waite and be patient because violence won't change any thing, and I say bull#*^# the time for being passive is over, the goverment has created such a gap between the American people and them selves that it's not funny, the don't pay social security but there retirement is un-Godly, all of there medical is taken care of and the pass bills that doesn't effect them, such as illegal aliens, forced health care, and now there passing these bills and doing it with out letting the Republicans even vote, they go into there little closed door and create deals and shove there crap down out throats. I'm a Vietnaum Vet and I've had enough, so if someone is forming a milita let me know.

Comment by Leon Elkin
Entered on:

Read the comment of  Dennis Andersen, US Veteran.  Yes, we need to be firm today. It could be too late tomorrow.  America invided. America occupied with enemies.  They are even  in the White House. They took and spoil our country. They are dangerous,  and we are  naive. If we didn't  quit  them today...America will  dye. They killing our country. .Fight  them.  Stop them. Impeach them. Judje them. Save our country for our children. Wake Up !!!

Comment by Rodney burke
Entered on:

No, the time for talking and trying is long past, Osama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer and Al sharpton have shown us exactly who they are. They are already guilty of treason, their treasonous acts are clearly documented. Yes, a revolution is in order, and it needs to be in the 1776 fashion. We need a clean house, and that includes the likes of Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers who give aid and comfrot to our SWORN enemy: Osama Bin Laden. Yes if we shoot a few, maybe the rest of the worthless demoncrats will change their tune!

Time for talk is over, time for action, severe and permanent action. The acts of this criminal who infests the while house need to be nullified! And rule by the constitution MUST be restored.

The demoncrats have been engaging in treason for the entire term of our NON president. No more!!

Comment by Chix fredrick
Entered on:

My son is in The Guard he told me about urban training nearly 2 yrs ago right after "king o" was elected.  I didn't believe it then, I do now.

Look for martial law before the next presidential election.

Comment by Die Daily
Entered on:

Jerry Cook (#30532)
Jay Lipman (#30539)
Tom Hartley (#30541)
Jeff Mullis (#30556)
R Z (#30559)
Dennis Andersen (#30565)
DONALD DEAN (#30568)
robert larson (#30572)

All these accounts created in a matter of minutes. "These people" (or more proably "this person") are gummint operatives. Fortunately they are extremely unskilled operatives. Really, really dumb operatives. Sissy, femmy little internet tough guys not worth the minimum wage they collect to sell out their nation.

Comment by robert larson
Entered on:







The USA is nearing the making of a revolution against our corrupt and non-abiding government officials who have no thoughts in following our constitution amendments. It's obvious that the current liberal congress and our devoted Muslim, non-American president are interested in increasing the power of federal government to make the US a socialist state.  The federal government is currently working on seizing all guns violating the second amendment.  After they seize all the American citizen's guns, the liberals are going to suffocate the first amendment ending freedom of speech thus ending the freedom of Americans.




Our current federal government is trying to destroy our loved way of life enjoying the freedoms that our constitution provides us. The freedoms that 100s of thousands of our service men and women have died for in the past and present wars in order to preserve freedom for the next generations.




This question is for all military and law enforcement agency personnel:




If god-loving, freedom-loving American citizens are forced into protecting their constitution rights by the final recourse of bearing arms against the traitors in our government, where are you as an individual man or woman of the military or law enforcement going to stand behind? 




Will you guard the current corrupt government officials?








Will you stand with the common citizens fighting to keep your constitutional freedoms which is why you actually wear the uniform now?



God bless every man and women serving in uniform. I trust that your guns will be pointed in the direction to uphold our constitutional rights, not to protect the current impeding socialistic government officials. Without our dedicated military, Americans would have no freedoms.  Without our military, Obama and his Cronies will not have the power to turn our free country into a totalitarian state with him as the dictator.




Comment by Die Daily
Entered on:

A military coup is exactly what we must avoid at all cost. It would be trading in Caesar for Nero. We're being set up to accept a military dictator, and that dictator will make Obama seem like Mother Teresa. Power to the PEOPLE. The constitution and it's oaths of office are specifically designed to prevent the executive branch from becoming dictatorial. I'm not an advocate of the constitution per se, but if we could merely revert to it, it would be a giant step in the right direction. From there we could stabilize things and then think about going even further with the process of decentralizing the usurped Federal powers.

Comment by DONALD DEAN
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Comment by Dennis Andersen
Entered on:

 Didn't you know about Billary Von Clinton's deal with the communist U.N. (small arms treaty) to make the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution null and void? It's true , the Kenyan born illegitimate president of the U.S. can't wait to declare martial law and make use of his "detention camps" (U.S. concentration camps for U.S. citizens against a communist America). Better stock up on a few gallons of cosmoline and airtight containers for ammo to help the American Resistance fight the American Nazis like the French Resistance did to the German Nazis. Find a good secluded place for burial of arms and ammo, don't use your own property, they will use metal detectors along with real "torture" (not water boarding) to find weapons and ammo!

Comment by R Z
Entered on:

 I have a better idea.  It's time for the American citizens to form a the colonists did back in 1775-1776...and let the Obaba administration, or anyone for that matter, know that we will not become the socialist nation that they wish. Obama, Eric Holder, Nancy "Botox Bimbo" Pelosi, and Reid and the rest should be tried for treason against the American Constitution and America and her people.  Then they should be treated like traitors of the past...taken out, lined up against a wall, and shot.  End of story!!!!!

Comment by Jeff Mullis
Entered on:

 I will go go down fighting for my God given liberties and my most most basic civil right.....the right to defend myself- with guns a blazing.

Comment by Tom Hartley
Entered on:

"Out of my dead stiff hand and dead body. . ." The first question to ask the police is "am I under arrest?" Otherwise you can take my statement right here right now. I also do not keep my guns in my home with one exceptions. 

Comment by Jay Lipman
Entered on:

Where are you all getting your information from? I am as conservative as they come,  but this story is far fetched. Do you have facts or here say? I will still sleep well even knowing that "Polish Soldiers" are observing our Troops. Come on guys !

Comment by Jerry Cook
Entered on:

It will happen like this. One night a couple of local police officers will stop by your home. Being law abiding citizens,we will be co-operative. They will come in  and ask  you to accompany them "downtown" for a few questions. You will wonder if this is "it", but you will not be sure. They may be someone you are acquainted with or not.  It will probably not seem an "outrageous" request. You don't make a last stand over a minor incident. But they will come for us one by one. No warning headlines about the end of "America" as we know it. Just  rumors of somebody being picked up and not heard from or some old vet going beserk in a shootout in the subdivision next to ours. By the time, it becomes clear what is happening, they will have gotten rid of the most likely opposition. Not everybody will fight. From what I've read, the socialists figure they will need to either re-educate or kill 25 million of us.