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SC's E-Vote Computers 'Hacked' - 'Systemic Problem in Software'

Interviews on Fox 'News'; Complaints filed with FEC, State AG concerning bizarre Democratic U.S. Senate primary election...

Former Circuit Court Judge Vic Rawl's official protest against the results of South Carolina's Democratic U.S. Senate primary election last Tuesday --- when he was purportedly beaten by Alvin Greene, a jobless man who didn't campaign and didn't even have a campaign website --- will focus on what he describes as "systemic issues involving the software of the voting machine," according to the four-term, former state legislator in an interview with Fox "News" today.

The video and transcript of that interview --- in which Rawl displayed a very impressive command of the issues surrounding the 100% unverifiable ES&S iVotronic touch-screen voting machines used in the election --- are posted below. It's well worth reading and/or watching.

But first, Democratic House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) also appeared on Fox today where he said, "I believe there was hacking done into that computer." He later added, that because SC used the type of voting machines that have been decertified by so many other states, "maybe somebody wanted machines that were easily hacked into."

Take a look...

Watch the FOX News VIDEO here

Clyburn's comments are remarkable --- certainly for a currently-serving Democratic official, much less one as high ranking as he is. Perhaps his comments will help change the way the bulk of the mainstream media has been covering this issue to date. They've been looking at everything but the obvious potential for computer failure or manipulation, even though Rawl has been going out of his way to point to it --- as we saw in his remarkable statement announcing his protest of the election results filed yesterday, due, in no small part, to "the well-documented unreliability and unverifiability of the voting machines used in South Carolina."

Since speculating on the accuracy of the results, or lack thereof, is all that most of us can do, given the nature of the type of e-voting system in use in SC which offer zero proof of actual winners and losers, there is certainly every reason to believe the election could have been hacked. The state's woeful ES&S system --- both its voting machines and its central tabulators --- has been shown time and again, in scientific report after scientific report, to be easily manipulated, particularly by a well-placed election insider.

That said, there still remain other less nefarious explanations for the results, and it should also be noted that Clyburn got quite a few of the details --- albeit fairly minor ones in the scope of his main point, if rather important to the rest of the country --- wrong...

Here's the key portion of the interview, as it applies to the oft-failed ES&S voting machines in question:


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Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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funny how since the rigging did not go their way somehow NOW there is election fraud...LMAO

Comment by Die Daily
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Man, this sound like some awesome, brilliant, utterly devious bad guy came around to the light side and thought of the awesomest, brilliantest, most utterly deviousest way to scuttle his evil bosses. Either that or some idiot accidentally rigged it backwards. Who cares, what a boon for us!

Comment by Found Zero
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Oh freaking AWESOME! This story has legs! Like it wasn't good enough to begin with?  The only one that falls flatter than Alvin Greene in interview is whoever's trying to interview him.