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Wrong voting info sent to 191,000 Arizona homes

• Arizona Republic
In 12 of 15 Arizona counties, some voters received publicity pamphlets that directed them to non-existent polling places.

Proposition 100, the 1-cent per dollar sales-tax increase, passed Tuesday with 64 percent of the vote. No one has suggested the error affected the outcome of the vote.

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Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Yes, Leslie Fish you're right, mail in your ballot. Then they take that ballot and they throw it directly in the trash. They know which districts will be heavily in favor and which are not a tax or proposition Your district ballots will be collected and dumped into a land fill. Mail in ballots are bigger scam than Diebold. Atleast with Diebold you know you are being scammed.

Comment by Leslie Fish
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The quickest solution I know for this sort of vote fraud (er, pardon me: "error") is to sign up for mail-in ballots.  With the mail-in ballot you have plenty of time to make your choices, xerox the ballot, and mail it in.  This also provides hard-copy evidence for your vote.  I'd suggest this to all voters in Arizona, and probably the rest of the country too.


--Leslie Fish

Comment by Dave Hodges
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 And we are surprised? Remember, Brewer, when she was Secretary of State, was successfully sued by Ernie Hancock for perpetrating a series of election frauds. She wanted this tax, this type of deceipt is to be expected.

Dave Hodges

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