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La Filosofia de la Libertad - The Philosophy of Liberty - Español

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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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The philosophy of Liberty is not a Spanish concept.  Spain already owned half of South America as Royal Property compliments of the Pope when the Dutch and English were prying their countries away from that empire.  The Spanish Army had fought its way through the center of Europe to Holland and was to meet the Armada there to cross the Channel and decide who the next Royal Head of England was to be.  The resulting defeat of the Armada allowed the Freedom of Thought and Action to be shipped to North America almost unmolested.  No Royalists,  virtually no governments and preachers familiar with Celtic, Saxon, and Anglo traditions of free movement, small government, keeping what you earn, and honest relationships.  

  The rest of America, invaders from the South and the basketball team we support are all telling the people in this State how to think, what to do, and taking our money to do it with.  I think the Latino world is still pissed about loosing the Armada.

 Give 'em some more help;  we just found out a Ms. Vasquez has been taking advantage of our identities here at our house. 

Buck Norton

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