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The GOP is Out of Touch with Its Base

• Green Dragon Tavern (Tres

There is a growing feeling among the base of the Republican party that the party's leaders are not representing them very well if at all.

A Rasmussen poll showed that 73% of voters think the GOP congress(wo)men have lost touch with their base and 12% are undecided. That leaves an astonishingly low number, 15%, that think they are serving their interests in Congress. It seems that Karl Rove's rumored attitude is getting pervasive in the party. It seems that when a congressman from a western state asked about the party deviating from its core beliefs and supporters Rove's retort was not what the congressman wanted to hear as reported in an article from Michael Gaddy on Lew Rockwell's site. And that is true; the believers in Constitutional government don't have anywhere else to go.

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