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Relatives question why government officials kidnapped Tenn. baby

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Maria Gurrola, still recovering from stab wounds and a collapsed lung, started crying and shaking when she learned week-old Yahir Anthony Carrillo and his three siblings would be put into foster homes, said Norma Rodriguez, the cousin of Jose Carrillo, the baby's father.

"She said them taking the kids away was a worse stab in her heart than the stab from the lady who took the baby," Rodriguez said.

The children, ages 3, 9 and 11, were split up and put with strangers in two separate foster homes Saturday after investigators told the state Department of Children's Services the couple was under investigation because of allegations they had tried to sell the baby, Gurrola's court-appointed attorney Dennis Nordhoff said.


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Comment by Powell Gammill
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TO extend Casey's comments;  Many of these families can ill afford to fight the government for the return of their children.  So $20,000 bankrupts them,which of course can be used to justify their inability to care for their kids.  Further, yu frequently don't get your kids back until you sign a document indemnifying the CPS from suit and allowing the CPS to drop by and inspect and command any time they desire.

Comment by William1950
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 For those of you who have never had a run in with a social services department in your state, fall down and kiss the ground and then go to Church and pray that you never do!

Social Services, child protection is at best a lie and at worst equal to the Russian Hit squads and German government removal of the Jews!  They can,with simply a call from anyone, enter your home and take your kids.  Then, you are not presumed innocent, must fight, spending at the least $20,000 to show you were not in the wrong.  In the meantime (yes that is a correct spelling) your children are placed in foster homes, some are good some are not and if you are able to have your children returned they are shell shocked at what happened to them.  The social services decide if a spanking at Wal-Mart is enough to remove the kids or if they are raped at school if it is just kids on kids playing around.

A final statement.  If you are even faintly interested in Adopting (!) only take a child straight from the hospital.  After even one year, or one month you will forever see traits that are not from your family.  And when you get help with troubled kids, the doctors and head shrinkers will say that you as the sane adult have to accommodate the child, the child will not change so live with it.



living threw a battle with a social services agency...