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Obama And The 7 Million U.S. Unemployed__Bio Warfare and the Swine Flu Vaccine

• Centurean
For all the pathetic drivel on the news about Obama ’solving’ the economic crisis, one fact looms large to rebut this media spin old bollocks ;


7 million Americans have lost their jobs since Obama got into office.

So much for the Black Messiah solving the economic crisis, all the idiot has done is enrich the scum bankers that caused the credit crisis, thrown millions of working class Americans into unemployment, he has caused the largest US national debt in world history, carried the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on and merely used the issue of ‘racism’ to get his scum idiot journalists in the corporate media, the same corporate media scum that got him elected, to peddle bullshit about the economy and avoid being criticised.

Every time Obama gets attacked for being an incompetent idiot, the issue of racism pops up in the media by his media masters, ” Dont be nasty to Obama, he is black and therefore if you are mean to him you are a racist”.

Oh f off.

They put a black man in the whitehouse, to ensure that no-one would dare criticise the New World Order for fear of being called ‘racist’.

Ever get the feeling youve been used suckers.

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