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Healthcare: 25 Reasons to Oppose H.R. 3200

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A group out of Minnesota called the Citizens’ Council on Health Care has come up with a handy list of 25 reasons to oppose the “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act” also knows as H.R. 3200, the bill making its way through the House of Representatives. Here is their handy-dandy list: 1. Rationing and Denial of Care - Health plans authorized to impose restrictions on access to care according to “clinical appropriateness.” (Sec. 121) 2. Political Appointees Decide - A health benefit advisory committee (political appointees) will decide what kind of benefits (medical treatments/practitioners/drugs) are and are not essential. The Secretary of HHS will implement the decision by rule. (Sec 122) 3. Limited Choice of Insurance Plans - A new “Health Choices Commissioner” will rule over insurance options for all Americans, deciding what insurers are available. (Sec 142) More....

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Comment by Pete T
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 Sounds like Lucky Red is one of those who says that about everything no matter what it is. Everything is racist if it is not pro Obama,  pro socialism to these clowns. they do not even know what the word means obviously. Another blinded Obamabot spreading the word of the Obam Army. Typical commie attitude.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Lucky Red - everybody on this site knows you're a shill.  Your vague comments aren't converting or detering anyone, and they are so reflexive that it doesn't even appear that you read the article.

How about taking each of the 25 points and showing exactly how they are based on racism, hatred, misinformation, and the like?

Comment by Lucky Red
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 And all 25 of them have to do with racism, hatred, ignorance, stupidity, selfishness & misinformation