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Nat Hentoff is scared of Obama Administration

• Jewish World Review
 Long time civil libertarian and author Nat Hentoff expresses his fear of the Obama Administration using the President's healthcare proposal to point out why.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Everyone should be scared of obamas DEATH CARE and the picture is a great representation for many reasons. Hitler like obama took over all the industries and as they say now you know the rest of the story.

Comment by Lucky Red
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 If Nat Hentoff (does anybody else find the name Nat Hentoff and the pic of Obama made up as Hitler a bit...hmmmm...ironic?) were genuine in his criticism, he'd focused on the fact that the Obama Administration is scary because it has continued each and every single one of the Bush Administration's policies, because it is aiding and abetting on the travesty in the ME, because it's stepping up the chaos in Afghanistan, because of the lies, the deception NOT because of healthcare.  Of all the things that someone like "Nat Hentoff" could attack, healthcare is the least legitimate of them.